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Biden Waves Through Another Covid Booster: He’s certain that it ‘works,’ but there’s no data. Is this how we approve drugs now; COVID-19 to Blame for Just 1% of New Deaths: Data, and other C-Virus related stories

Biden Waves Through Another Covid Booster:
He’s certain that it ‘works,’ but there’s no data. Is this how we approve drugs now?
President Biden declared last week that a new Covid booster shot “works” and is “necessary.” He said he would ask Congress to fund it and “it will likely be recommended that everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before.” Is this our new drug-approval process? There are no human-outcomes data on this new shot, which the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve in the next two weeks.
Undermining the normal scientific and regulatory process erodes public trust. Last fall the administration approved and recommended a novel Covid bivalent booster with no human data. Only 20.5% of American adults took it, and some were compelled to do so by employers or schools. The recommendation was based on mouse data and failed to recognize the 100,000-fold risk difference between a healthy young person and a comorbid elderly adult. The government paid $4.9 billion for 171 million doses, the vast majority of which went to waste.
It’s possible a new booster will mitigate the severity of Covid infection, but the variants it targets are fleeting. Press releases from Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax state that their new boosters work on the two dominant variants in circulation today, EG.5 and FL.1.51. But we don’t know which variant will be dominant later this winter. A newer variant, for which the novel booster vaccine has unknown efficacy, has already been identified in Michigan and outside the U.S. --->READ MORE HERE
COVID-19 to blame for just 1% of new deaths: data:
Less than 2% of the deaths reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week were caused by the coronavirus, new data shows.
According to the CDC’s COVID-19 dashboard, just 324 deaths logged in the week ending Aug. 19 — 1.7% of all fatalities nationwide — were attributed to the virus.
This is a staggering difference from the peak of the pandemic in 2021, when one in three deaths had COVID-19 cited as the main cause.
In New York, 2.1% of the deaths last week were tied to the virus.
Florida and Maryland have the highest COVID-19 death rates at 3.4%, followed by Washington with 2.4%, while Tennessee and North Carolina each reported 2% — behind New York, but above the national average.
The primary cause of death is defined as the condition, injury, disease, situation or event that initiated the chain of events resulting in a person’s death.
Weekly COVID-19 deaths are at their lowest numbers since March 2020, according to CDC data.
But coronavirus cases recently jumped nationwide — with New York reporting a 55% increase at the beginning of August.
The spike came as a new variant — dubbed EG.5, or Eris — emerged as the dominant strain, causing about 17% of COVID cases nationwide. --->READ MORE HERE
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