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The Sound of Truth: Trump Did More to End Human Trafficking Than Any Modern President; ‘Sound of Freedom’ Villains Are Enabled by Biden’s Border Policies; US Is a Top Destination for Child Sex Trafficking, and It’s Happening in Your Community

photo courtesy of the Trump campaign
Exclusive—Lynne Patton: The Sound of Truth: Trump Did More to End Human Trafficking Than Any Modern President:
On a mild February day in 2019, when the majority of Washington, DC, (and the world at-large) was focused on the impending Mueller Report being released at any moment, President Donald Trump was focused on something else: saving children.
To the right of the president sat Tim Ballard, a former special agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), an organization with the mission to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. At the president’s invitation, Ballard was there to discuss the ongoing fight against human trafficking along the southern border.
Turning to Trump, Ballard recounted a heinous story: “They brought this little girl through a part of the southern border where there was no wall. Easily got her to New York City – and this is hard to hear, but it’s the truth – where this little girl was raped for money every day 30 to 40 times a day.”
By the time Ballard left the West Wing later that day, President Trump had appointed him to spearhead his White House Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking. To date, Ballard and his team have rescued over 3,000 victims, leading to the arrest of 182 human traffickers. They are now the subject of the unlikely summer box office hit, Sound of Freedom, starring Jim Caviezel as Ballard.
This independently funded film has stunned the Hollywood community by beating mega-monied movies like Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny to become the top grossing film of the coveted Fourth of July weekend, despite being shown in nearly 2,000 fewer theaters and only in the United States.
Last week, President Trump and Tim Ballard continued their fight by raising awareness with a private screening of the Hollywood-shunned movie at Trump National Bedminster, New Jersey.
I was honored to attend the same alongside them. The film is shocking to the core and left us all standing in stunned silence upon its conclusion, including Trump himself. --->READ MORE HERE
GUILLERMO ARIAS, Qian Weizhong, John Moore/Getty Image
Exclusive—Brian Lonergan: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Villains Are Enabled by Biden’s Border Policies:
At a time of year for movies that is normally dominated by big-budget blockbusters, this has been the summer of Sound of Freedom. The crowd-funded, low-budget film about child trafficking has greatly overachieved at the box office, bringing in more than ten times its $14.5 million production cost and even beating out Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in its first week.
While the establishment media has been reluctant to acknowledge Sound of Freedom’s success as well as the prevalence of child trafficking, it has also stubbornly refused to acknowledge the elephant in the room: the immigration policies championed by the anti-borders left and implemented by the Biden administration have greatly enabled the sinister trade depicted in Sound of Freedom that profits off the buying and selling of children.
The treachery is compounded by the fact that these policies are sold to the American public as “compassion” and acting on the behalf of children. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
There are numerous examples of how the actions of this White House have made it the human trafficking cartels’ de facto business partner. A leaked memo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that, as of May 31, the federal government ended familial DNA testing at the southern border. Such testing had been an integral tool in stopping the cartel practice of “renting” young children to clients who pose as the child’s parent to gain passage into the United States.
For an administration that claims to care about migrant children and to have operational control of the border, this may be the most illogical policy imaginable. Yet Team Biden enacted the policy anyway, with little scrutiny from our corporate media that it supposed to be a check on the government but increasingly acts as its propaganda arm. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++US Is a Top Destination for Child Sex Trafficking, and It’s Happening in Your Community+++++

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