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Never Forget: Leftists Showed Their True Authoritarian Colors During COVID; Sen. Ron Johnson Says Pandemic "Preplanned By An Elite Group Of People" Who Conducted "Event 201", and other C-Virus related stories

Never Forget: Leftists Showed Their True Authoritarian Colors During COVID:
When I think back to the first days of the covid pandemic lockdowns, I suspect the majority of people, even many conservatives and liberty movement types, had a healthy concern about the effects of the virus and the potential for structural upheaval if it turned out to be as deadly as the World Health Organization initially claimed. If covid had an Infection Fatality Rate of 3% or more as global health officials warned, then the damage would be substantial enough to change our world for many years to come.
Anyone who was not at least partially concerned about a biological disaster (or biological warfare) was probably an idiot. Anyone who was smart was prepared. However, after a few months of the spread of the virus and after the first flurry of scientific data, several facts became evident:
1) The lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread, they were simply destroying our economy.

2) The masks were useless and did nothing to prevent transmission of the virus.

3) The IFR of covid was a tiny 0.23%, and that’s not accounting for all the co-morbidity deaths that were falsely labeled as covid deaths.

4) The vaccines did not prevent transmission for millions of people. They did not prevent infection in many cases and numerous vaccinated people have died from the virus. Not only that, but unvaccinated people with natural immunity were better protected than those that took the vaccine and boosters.

5) Studies show that the vaccines cause dangerous side effects at a much greater rate than the CDC admitted.
Everything government officials told us during the pandemic was a lie. It was not a mistake, it was not bureaucratic confusion, it was a lie. Even after this information became available, they KEPT GOING – They kept people locked down, kept them masked and they even tried to force-vaccinate the population. There were some Republican politicians that also went along with the panic, many of them Neocons (fake conservatives). However, the majority of red states quickly ended the restrictions once the contradictory data was made public. In the meantime, the blue states looked ridiculous and paranoid as they desperately clung to the mandates. --->READ MORE HERE
Sen. Ron Johnson Says Pandemic "Preplanned By An Elite Group Of People" Who Conducted "Event 201":
And now, better late than never, a US politician recognizes that all may not have been what it seemed with the pandemic - and its tyrannical response.
Senator Ron Johnson on Friday told Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo that Covid-19, and its response, were "preplanned by an elite group of people" who conducted "Event 201" - a joint exercise conducted by John Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum - which envisioned the spread of a coronavirus pandemic in South America which included over 65 million deaths worldwide.
The simulation concluded that national governments are nowhere near ready for a pandemic.
"We are going down a very dangerous path, but it is a path that is being laid out and planned by an elite group of people that want to take total control over our lives, and that's what they are doing, bit by bit," said Johnson, who sits on the Senate Homeland Security Committee and is a ranking member of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.
To which Bartiromo responded: "It is just extraordinary to me that the government was working with social media to amplify lies and suppress truth and has been doing so repeatedly. We just saw the Facebook story, the Twitter files, all of the all the way, government officials from the CDC, FBI, you know CIA, a thousand people according to the reporters working on the Twitter files, worked with social media to amplify lies and suppress truth. --->READ MORE HERE
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