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Mayorkas Boasts Illegal Border Crossings Fell 65% Under New Biden Policies; Biden is Cooking the Books at the Border

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Mayorkas boasts illegal border crossings fell 65% under new Biden policies:
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas took a victory lap Thursday over the dropping number of illegal immigrants trying to sneak across the southern border, saying it’s evidence that his carrot-and-stick approach is paying off.
He said the administration has tamped down the numbers by building “pathways” for unauthorized migrants to reach the U.S., threatening “consequences” for those who arrive outside those pathways and increasing standards to discourage bogus asylum claims.
The result, he said, has been a 65% drop in “border encounters.”
“We are meeting people where they are,” Mr. Mayorkas said at the Aspen Security Forum.
Although the pathways he has created face legal questions, Mr. Mayorkas said they are the key to giving migrants some hope of reaching the U.S. and discouraging them from paying smugglers to bring them across the border illegally.
He said it’s tough to discourage a mother from sending a juvenile girl to the U.S. because it’s dangerous for the child to walk to school in their neighborhood.
Given the current system, he suggested, the best alternative is to siphon them away from smugglers, who can charge $10,000 or more per person and who have been blamed for record numbers of migrant deaths over the past two years.
“Our hope is that our model of incentivizing people to apply for relief before they take the journey and delivering a consequence regime if they don’t avail themselves of those pathways works and keeps a cap, if you will, on the number of people we encounter under very dangerous circumstances,” Mr. Mayorkas said. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden is cooking the books at the border:
The reality the Biden administration is hiding from you and media are failing to report accurately
When Joe Biden was vice president, the Obama administration changed the way the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) counted deportations, making it appear that they were enforcing immigration law while trying to negotiate a mass amnesty bill.
They padded these numbers by including the number of recent unlawful border crossers who were returned after being in U.S. Border Patrol custody. This inflated a count that historically included only illegal aliens removed from American communities by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Unfortunately, the Biden administration is now cooking the books on unlawful entries but is doing so to make the numbers look smaller and to try to convince the American people and the media that their border security strategy is working.
If you believe the administration, "border encounters remain low" after Title 42 ended on May 11. But don’t fall for this disinformation. The humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border is ongoing, and the overall illegal immigration problem is now far worse than the border numbers show.
Here is the reality the Biden administration is hiding from you and the media are failing to report accurately.
First, it is critical to understand that when DHS claims unlawful entries between the ports of entry are down, they are describing only the illegal aliens apprehended by Border Patrol agents. Intentionally omitted in their communications to the American people are the number of aliens found inadmissible at ports of entry by Office of Field Operations officers. Under U.S. immigration law, it is irrelevant which border officers intercept illegal aliens attempting to enter the U.S. because they are in violation of the same provision of law. --->READ MORE HERE

ISSUE BRIEF: Post-Title 42: How the Biden Administration’s New Border Policies Hide the Border Crisis

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