Thursday, August 24, 2023

Massachusetts Taxpayers to Subsidize College Tuition for Illegal Aliens; Massachusetts Becomes 24th State to Offer In-State Tuition Rates for Undocumented Immigrants

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Massachusetts Taxpayers to Subsidize College Tuition for Illegal Aliens:
Massachusetts taxpayers will soon begin subsidizing public college and university tuition for illegal aliens thanks to a budget signed by Gov. Maura Healey (D).
The $56 billion state budget, signed by Healey last week, includes an initiative that opens in-state college tuition rates to illegal aliens who attended high school or got their GED in Massachusetts.
The law is almost certain to serve as yet another driver of illegal immigration to Massachusetts just as state officials have urged residents to accept border crossers and illegal aliens into their homes because of a lack of shelter space.
“Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family,” Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll told Massachusetts residents last week.
Meanwhile, in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens are a billion-dollar profit pipeline for university systems — including those in Massachusetts. --->READ MORE HERE
Massachusetts becomes 24th state to offer in-state tuition rates for undocumented immigrants:
Over a month late, the Governor signed the FY24 budget into law last week.
The spending compromise was a mixture of priorities between the House and the Senate and the Senate’s priorities of tuition equity for undocumented immigrants made it into the final version.
The fiscal year 2024 $52.6 billion budget was not only heavy in spending but also heavy in policy issues. One senate priority will assist those without legal status to obtain a college diploma.
When the Senate unveiled its budget months ago, this was a main measure the Senate wanted to make sure stay in the final version, which it did.
The final version of the budget includes a measure that allows those without legal status to qualify for in-state tuition rates and state financial aid at public colleges and universities. They are only eligible if they have attended a Bay State high school for at least three years or obtained their GED in the Commonwealth.
Now, this would save undocumented immigrants thousands of dollars. For example, UMass Amherst charges around $17,000 for in-state tuition, and over $39,000 for those who aren’t from the Bay State.
The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition believes this is a win for the state. --->READ MORE HERE
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