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Leadership of Courage: UKRainian Security Guarantees for Europe; Putin is Losing His Grip on Power; UKRs Advance 16-20 Kilometers in 'tactically significant' Move; RUs ATTEMPTING to Attack in Lyman-Kupiansk Direction: Over 400 Attacks in 1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Credit: Ukraine's President press office
Leadership of Courage: Ukrainian Security Guarantees for Europe:
The modest results of the Vilnius NATO summit, the sour diplomatic "gratitude" scandal with Poland, the growing threat of Russian provocations from the territory of Belarus against NATO countries, and the progress of diplomatic negotiations regarding the Ukrainian "peace formula" in Saudi Arabia, show a profound demand for a new political and legal instrument to strengthen Ukraine's international agency.
International relations experts Roman Sohn, Ariana Gic and Hanna Hopko, who since 2014 have been actively advocating for international support for Ukraine, are convinced that the Ukrainian government can pursue a powerful policy to strengthen Kyiv’s status in international arena – Ukrainian security guarantees for Europe.
Historic moment of opportunity for Ukrainian leadership
Russia’s war against Ukraine, and Moscow’s expansion of its hybrid confrontation with the West have upended and reshaped the security environment on the European continent. This dramatic crisis has also created a historic moment of opportunity for Kyiv to assert its international agency.
Epic resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russia’s genocidal war gave Kyiv powerful moral authority in the international arena which helped impact the global political agenda.
It is crucial though, that Ukraine converts its moral leadership into the institutionalization of Kyiv’s new role in international relations.
This bears particular importance for Ukraine’s political battle to join NATO. NATO membership is a critical element of Ukraine’s vision for victory against Russia as it will embody Moscow's strategic defeat. Yet achieving this goal is an uphill battle, which requires exceptional efforts. --->READ MORE HERE
NY POST: Putin is losing his grip on power — America must take advantage now
Russia wants you to believe the war in Ukraine is expensive and unwinnable, but the truth is: Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing in Ukraine.
Russia’s performance is poor.
The ruble is facing a steep decline. Russian inflation is raging.
More political uprising is on the horizon.
Putin is losing his international allies.
Ukraine and the West are not out of the woods yet, however.
Putin’s goal is to fight a protracted war in Ukraine and exhaust the West.
Helping Ukraine is in America’s interest. The long war in Ukraine is not.
Now is the time for Washington to exploit Putin’s vulnerabilities and prepare for a post-Putin world.
What are the emerging scenarios that would most likely trigger a chain reaction, breaking Putin’s grasp on power?
Economic collapse: Recent Ukrainian drone strikes in upscale parts of Moscow have contributed to the elite’s jitters while the drone strikes on Russian maritime oil shipments will cause insurers to increase prices, thus cutting even further into the slim profit margin on Russia’s exports. Just this week, Russian oil sold to India reached its lowest price ever.
All this is happening with the backdrop of China having its own economic woes and clear signals it is tiring of Moscow’s war.
Russia has been burning incredible sums of foreign-currency reserves to maintain the ruble — which has lost more than 50% of its value this year and 20% just in the past month.
But the Central Bank’s strategy to control inflation, increasing interest rates from 8.5% to 9.5% last week, is being undermined by the Kremlin, which continues to pour money into the nation’s domestic economy, creating an illusionary bubble of growth with the false appearance of normalcy. --->READ MORE HERE
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