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Jack Keane: Let UKRaine Direct Its Own Counteroffensive; UKR Military Destroy Unique RUssian Radar Station Worth $200 Million; UKR Says it Liberated Strategic Southeastern Settlement; A Look at the US Missiles UKR Seeks to Hit RU Forces, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Presidential Office Of Ukraine/Zuma Press
Let Ukraine Direct Its Own Counteroffensive
American officers chirping from the sidelines have never done what Kyiv’s forces are trying to do.
U.S. military personnel are voicing their frustrations over the way Ukraine is conducting its counteroffensive. This is alarming. American officers appear to have unrealistic expectations of what a single counteroffensive operation can achieve. The U.S. should be focused on helping Ukraine fight the war the way it wants to fight, not chirping from the sidelines.
American military leadership wants Ukraine to concentrate the forces the West has equipped and trained for the counteroffensive on a single sector in western Zaporizhia oblast, where the goal would be to break through Russian lines rapidly and seize the city of Melitopol. American officials are reportedly irritated that Ukraine has kept large numbers of forces in its east, particularly around the town of Bakhmut, and that Ukraine has been pursuing multiple offensive thrusts within Zaporizhia oblast itself rather than focusing on only one.
No one in the American military today has designed large-scale mechanized operations against a serious and capable enemy that is employing a comprehensive defense. The last time was the Metz campaign in France in 1944, led by Gen. George S. Patton. The massed attack toward Melitopol that some are demanding is the most obvious thing Ukraine could do and would concentrate Ukraine’s offensive combat power on a drive down the shortest road to the sea. This approach seems appealing and militarily sound.
The trouble is that the Russians also had the same thought. They deployed the strongest of their remaining defending forces on this axis. They dug deep, extensive trench lines and covered the earth in mines. Their best pilots flying their most advanced attack helicopters are situated in this area ready for the Ukrainian attack. They’ve been fortifying Melitopol and the next town to the north, Tokmak, for a year. This shortest road to the sea is also the best-prepared part of the Russian defenses in the theater.
The Ukrainians have actually made a priority of this route and have recently made important gains. But they have also been attacking further east in Zaporizhia oblast and have made gains there as well. The effort that seems to aggravate American officials most of all, however, has been the Ukrainian push to recapture the city of Bakhmut, which the Wagner Group seized at tremendous cost this spring. U.S. military experts appear to want the Ukrainians to hold on all other fronts and focus on a single thrust toward Melitopol. ---> READ MORE HERE
Photo: Presidential Office Of Ukraine/Zuma Press
Ukrainian military destroy unique Russian radar station worth $200 million in Kherson Oblast
In August, the Defence Forces of the southern part of Ukraine destroyed a Russian mobile coastal radar station for over-the-horizon detection Predel-E, worth $200 million.
Source: Defence Forces of the South on Telegram
Quote: "Mobile coastal radar station of over-the-horizon detection with increased secrecy Predel-E – this is how ambitiously and pompously the Russians presented the novelty of their military-industrial complex to a narrow circle of specialists in June this year. Then they sent it to the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast in secret to monitor our actions both at sea and on land."
Details: The military added that although the exclusive Predel-E was also covered by a quite modern Leyer-2 electronic warfare system, but "nothing can be hidden from us on our land". --->MORE HERE
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