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House Passes Bill Barring the Use of US Public Schools as Migrant Shelters While Adams Deals with NYC’s Crisis; U.S. House Passes Molinaro Bill That Would Bar Schools From Housing Migrants

Gabriella Bass
House passes bill barring the use of US public schools as migrant shelters while Adams deals with NYC’s crisis
The House on Wednesday voted in favor of barring the use of public schools and colleges that receive federal funds as shelters for migrants.
The Schools Not Shelters Act passed the lower chamber in a 222-201 vote, with four Democrats joining all Republicans to vote in support of the legislation.
The measure comes as New York City Mayor Eric Adams mulls whether to utilize public schools shuttered for the summer to temporarily house thousands of migrants.
The legislation was sponsored by Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY), and co-sponsored by fellow New York Republican Reps. Anthony D’Esposito, Mike Lawler, Nick Langworthy, Brandon Williams, Erin Houchin and Nicole Malliotakis.
“There are more illegal immigrants being housed in NYC than homeless New Yorkers,” Malliotakis wrote on Twitter Tuesday.
“Mayor Adams keeps proposing using schools meant for learning as shelters! I’m calling on my colleagues to vote YES on H.R. 3941 tomorrow & STOP [Adams] from housing migrants in our schools!”
In a speech from the House floor, the 11th Congressional District rep argued that school facilities should be preserved for children to use and not be taken away from them.
“Children should be learning [in school]. They lost two years of socialization, physical fitness and interactions – thanks to COVID,” Malliotakis said. --->READ MORE HERE
Roger Hannigan Gilson/Times Union
U.S. House passes Molinaro bill that would bar schools from housing migrants:
U.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro’s bill that would remove federal funding for any school or college that shelters migrants who have not been lawfully admitted into the country passed the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday night.
The passage came after two efforts to use schools over the summer to shelter migrants seeking asylum: Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposal to house migrants in SUNY dorms and New York City Mayor Eric Adams' plan to house migrants in a Brooklyn school’s gym, though the latter was quickly scrapped after protests by parents and others.
As of Wednesday afternoon, the legislation did not have a sponsor in the Senate. U.S. Rep. Pat Ryan, who represents the neighboring 18th Congressional District, was among the few Democrats to vote for the measure.
In remarks and a question-and-answer session before the bill passed, Molinaro, a Republican who represents a large rural district that includes Columbia and Greene counties, said the immigration issue must be addressed at the border and he criticized President Joe Biden and Adams for “export (ing) that challenge into other places.”
He also pointed to New York City’s status as a sanctuary city, a status not shared by most communities upstate.
“It’s just not acceptable to have the city of New York impose its policy, its will and its chaos — and it is chaotic — onto counties and communities throughout the state of New York,” Molinaro said.
He called the city’s unwillingness to coordinate with upstate leaders “more than disrespectful.”
“It is not humane, not compassionate and not appropriate,” he said, calling the influx of migrants “a humanitarian crisis.”
“With this massive influx of undocumented individuals, the city of New York has decided that part of its response process is simply to put these individuals — human souls — onto buses and transport them across New York state,” he said. --->READ MORE HERE
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