Friday, August 11, 2023

FEEL GOOD STORY OF THE DAY: 7-Eleven Workers Wallop California Man Who Tried to Steal Trash Can Full of Cigarettes: ‘Whoop his a–!’ ; California 7-Eleven Workers Take Matters into Their Own Hands as They Stop Brazen Thief Filling TRASH CAN with Tobacco

7-Eleven workers wallop California man who tried to steal trash can full of cigarettes: ‘Whoop his a–!’
Two 7-Eleven workers in California took matters into their own hands and used a stick to wallop a man who tried to steal a trash can full of cigarettes.
Shocking video of the attempted robbery shows one employee holding the thief down while his colleague relentlessly whacks him roughly 25 times.
“Okay, okay!” the thief screams at his attacker while pleading for mercy.
Before he was taken down by the retail workers, the robber had casually sauntered behind the California convenience store’s register with a 20-gallon trash can in tow.
He nonchalantly grabs fistfuls of tobacco products — including cigarettes, cigars and vapes — and tosses them into the bin as the off-camera workers plead for him to stop.
“Just let him go. There ain’t nothing you can do. They’re not going to do nothing,” the bystander who took the video can be heard saying, seemingly referencing the national string of thefts in which shoplifters raid shelves of supplies before walking out with their loot.
The green-and-black-clad worker switches from a defensive role when the thief tries to push past him and orders him to move out of the way while he continues his heist. --->READ MORE HERE
California 7-Eleven workers take matters into their own hands as they stop brazen thief filling TRASH CAN with tobacco:
A pair of 7-Eleven workers in California were left with no choice but to take on a brazen thief by themselves - but they were hardly empty-handed.
Stunning footage showed the scene filmed in 2023 at the store. The thief was clearing shelves and dumping merchandise into a trash can.
A stunned onlooker filmed the incident and encouraged the employees to wait until the police arrived.
They confronted the suspect about why he was stealing so much, but the thief threatened to shoot them and continued to scoop armfuls of goods into the trash can.
The workers eventually had enough and came together to restrain him and hit the suspect with a large wooden stick.
In the video, a man who wore a dirty white t-shirt, jeans and a blue head covering, aggressively threw tobacco items into a trash can.
One of the workers is heard asking: 'Hey, why are you stealing everything?' before the thief threatened to 'pull my strap on your b**** ass'.
A customer tried to diffuse the situation and told the employees 'Just let him go. Ain't nothing you can do until the police come here.'
The customer also asked the workers if the store was insured and advised them to wait for the authorities.
The thief tried to get past an employee with his trash can of stolen goods while shouting, 'watch out boss.' --->READ MORE HERE
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