Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Every Electric Car You Buy Will Fund Al Qaeda: Biden turned over $1 trillion worth of lithium to Islamic terrorists; ‘Green Energy’ Will Be Powered by Taliban Lithium

Every Electric Car You Buy Will Fund Al Qaeda:
Biden turned over $1 trillion worth of lithium to Islamic terrorists.
The Taliban recently announced that, “five countries are interested in investing in the lithium mining sector in Afghanistan’s Nuristan province”. A Chinese company has already put down a $10 billion bid that would include infrastructure along with improved roads for the terror group.
Shahabuddin Delawar, the Taliban’s mining boss, boasted that, “we have 2.5 million tons in Nurestan alone. Extract it, and Afghanistan can be one of the richest countries in the world.”
And who would be in charge of an estimated $50 billion worth of lithium?
Hafiz Muhammad Agha Hakeem, the governor of the Nuristan province, recently appeared on a UN Security Council list of Taliban governors who were affiliated with Al Qaeda. The Islamic terrorist group had a stronger foothold in the area than almost any other part of Afghanistan. When Al Qaeda had been driven out of the rest of Afghanistan, it stayed on and went on fighting and killing Americans in Nuristan, While the area was named after a non-Pashtun minority who had been forcibly converted to Islam, it became a Taliban and Al Qaeda route to Pakistan.
Al Qaeda will be in charge of its share of an estimated $1 trillion in lithium in the country (not to mention the gem mines). The lithium, desperately needed for electric car batteries, will be mined by Chinese companies and resold to the United States for “green energy”.
Every electric car you buy will help fund Al Qaeda.
‘Green energy’ requires massive amounts of lithium batteries. Even while Americans were being told that switching to electric cars and a renewable power grid would lessen our dependence on middle eastern oil and avoid shortages of ‘non-renewable’ oil, we were actually becoming dependent on a material dominated by our enemies in China and Afghanistan, and Tesla, the most popular brand of electric car, is a company with sizable Saudi shareholders.
‘Renewables’ depend on non-renewable lithium mined ruthlessly by China wherever they can. The United States could mine its own lithium, much like we could drill for our own oil and gas, but the Biden administration puts roadblocks in the way of our energy independence. Climate Envoy John Kerry insists that we’re better off buying Chinese solar panels made by slave labor than to mine, drill and become independent of Beijing and, now the Taliban and Al Qaeda. --->READ MORE HERE
‘Green Energy’ Will Be Powered by Taliban Lithium:
One of the sales pitches for electric cars and assorted green energy projects was that we’d at least be able to unplug from Middle Eastern oil. But instead, we’ve become dependent on the Saudis anyway (the Saudis own 5% of Tesla) and, more crucially on China which sells us the junk solar panels and the rare earth metals (obtained through incredibly dirty mining processes that have devastated lakes and poisoned entire villages) to power the ‘clean’ revolution of ‘green energy’.
Now, topping all that, since the United States failed to develop the lithium mines in Afghanistan and since Biden refuses to mine any at home, the Taliban and Communist China will profit from every garbage electric car that the lefties force down our throats in the name of their hoax environmental crisis.
Save the planet, fund Islamic terrorism.
In a 2010 memo, the Pentagon’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations, which examined Afghanistan’s development potential, dubbed the country the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” A year later, the U.S. Geological Survey published a map showing the location of major deposits and highlighted the magnitude of the underground wealth, saying Afghanistan “could be considered as the world’s recognized future principal source of lithium.”
“In an alternate universe, our projects could’ve been generating meaningful employment and tax revenue within years that would provide an economic base and empower the Afghan people to govern themselves,” said Paul A. Brinkley, the former U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense who oversaw the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations until he left in 2011 and the office disbanded.
Instead, Brinkley said, “we’ll have Chinese companies mining lithium to feed a supply chain that will ultimately sell it back to the West, all in a world where there’s simply not enough lithium.”
“Afghanistan lacks an industrial base, [but] they have great mineral resources, and no Westerners can compete with the Chinese when it comes to building infrastructure and tolerating hardship,” said Zhou Bo, a retired People’s Liberation Army senior colonel who is now an international security expert at Tsinghua University.
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