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Democrats Cling to Sanctuary Policies Despite 'emergency' Immigration Declarations; NYC Mayor Adams Says Migrant Crisis Threatens to ‘decimate’ City as He Appeals for Federal Help; MA Gov Declares Emergency Over Immigrants: 'This is a national issue'

Democrats cling to sanctuary policies despite 'emergency' immigration declarations:
Democratic politicians are not rolling back the welcome mat to immigrants despite the toll the surge of border crossers has taken on cities and states.
More than 2 million immigrants have been released into the United States from the southern border since 2021, and many have chosen to move to immigrant-friendly cities up north. The influx of arrivals to cities including New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., has led the blue cities to call in, and even demand, federal assistance, but their open-arm welcome has not quite diminished despite the hardships.
An aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the five boroughs have received requests for shelter from just shy of 100,000 immigrants over the past year.
"We are providing them with services while Governor Abbott cruelly ordered children pushed into the Rio Grande. There is no comparison," the Adams administration aide wrote in an email.
Greg Abbott, the three-term GOP governor from Texas, began providing free bus rides to Chicago, New York City, and Washington in early 2022. The move was twofold — to alleviate pressure on Texas border communities facing several thousand new people on its streets daily and a political stunt that he said targeted "sanctuary" cities.
Hundreds of localities have adopted sanctuary policies over the past decade. The term generally refers to a local jurisdiction that will not work with federal immigration officers. For example, the New York Police Department will not detain an illegal immigrant arrested and jailed in New York City to transfer to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Someone released from the border with documents allowing them to remain in the country through their court proceedings for illegal entry is already protected from deportation.
"These are two completely different things," said Theresa Cardinal Brown, senior adviser for immigration and border policy at the nonpartisan Bipartisan Policy Center think tank. "Sanctuary policy is different from an attitude of welcome." --->READ MORE HERE
Julia Bonavita/Fox News Digital
NYC Mayor Adams says migrant crisis threatens to ‘decimate’ city as he appeals for federal help
Adams said this week that it could cost $12 billion by 2025
New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Thursday that the sanctuary city’s ongoing migrant crisis threatens to "decimate" it, as he accused border states of creating a "funnel" to send migrants to it.
"We have created a funnel. All of the border states have now took the funnel right to New York City," he said on CBS News.
Adams was talking about a migrant crisis that has seen nearly 100,000 migrants arrive in the city since last year. While it is a small fraction of the millions that have hit the border during the current migrant crisis, officials say it has left the city overwhelmed.
Some migrants have been bussed directly from Texas while others have made their own way to the city. But it has led to scenes of chaos in New York, with migrants camped outside the Roosevelt Hotel, which acted as an arrival center.
Adams said this week the crisis could cost the city $12 billion by the middle of next year without policy changes and additional help from the state and federal government. On Thursday, he warned that the crisis had national implications.
"New York City is the economic engine of this entire state and country, if you decimate this city, you're going to decimate the foundation of what's happening. Look at Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and now hear the governor of Massachusetts."
He was referencing the announcement by Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey to declare a state of emergency and call for more federal support -- including work authorizations for adult migrants and a comprehensive immigration reform in Congress. --->READ MORE HERE
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