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Crystal Clear that Joe Biden was Involved in Hunter’s Business; Just the Number of Joe Biden’s Sitdowns with Hunter Clients is Damning; ‘My guy’: Hunter Biden Partner Devon Archer Says Joe Biden was on Calls with Foreign Patrons for ‘the brand’

Crystal clear that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business:
Just in case it wasn’t clear what Hunter Biden was doing when he put his dad, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on the speakerphone during business meetings, even Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer calls it an “abuse of soft power.”
According to designated Democratic apologist Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), Joe Biden had no idea who was on the speakerphone in Paris or Dubai or Lake Como, or wherever it was that Hunter introduced his father to shady foreigners who were showering him with millions of dollars and lavish gifts like a $50,000 Hublot watch, which Archer says Hunter got from the Ukrainians.
No, the VP would just talk about “the weather” after Hunter introduced him to “Vadym” or “Nikolai” or whoever. He wasn’t talking about balance sheets or where to place the oil rigs, so that makes it quite OK.
Seriously, whom does Goldman think he’s kidding?
Archer was careful choosing his words to the Oversight Committee on Monday and in a subsequent interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Facing a one-year prison sentence over a fraud conviction, Archer has been bombarded with death threats since news broke that he was cooperating with congressional investigators. The father of three has tried to tell the truth while trying to survive at the center of a brutal tug-of-war between Congress and the White House.
But no matter how desperately Democrats and their media handmaidens try to spin Archer’s testimony, he has changed the game.
Prez had a role
As he told Carlson, it’s “categorically false” that Joe Biden had no role in his son’s business or knowledge of it: “He was aware of Hunter’s ­business. He met with Hunter’s business partners.”
Now Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence operation is undeniable, despite his nearly three-year litany of lies. --->READ MORE HERE
Just the number of Joe Biden’s sitdowns with Hunter clients is damning:
With the transcript of Devon Archer’s testimony released, New York Rep. Dan Goldman stands exposed as shamelessly deceptive in his claims that Archer’s account mainly cleared President Joe Biden of any wrongdoing in connection to son Hunter’s lucrative influence-peddling.
Among the revelations:
Between meetings and phone calls, then-Veep Joe chatted repeatedly — 20 times, to Archer’s knowledge — with Hunter and his overseas clients, usually for periods longer than the cup-of-coffee or just-a-handshake that Joe’s defenders have claimed.
Notably, Archer debunked the pro-Biden lie that Joe barely stopped by an April 2015 dinner with a pack of Hunter clients.
Goldman cited a 2021 Washington Post piece claiming that Joe spoke only with a priest there.
“No,” Archer replied: It was actually “a regular dinner” and “that’s not correct reporting.”
With his decades of foreign-policy experience, Joe surely knew that all these foreigners hailed from countries where a politician’s son selling dad’s influence is typical.
So he knew his presence signaled that paying Hunter could pay off in his own actions — yet he kept doing it.
More: The only reason to do it time and again was to help Hunter collect.
Why else keep breaking bread with a pack of corruptocrats far below the level a vice president would?
And why else keep the meetings off Joe’s official schedule?
Archer is also clear on what Hunter brought to the partnership. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++'My guy’: Hunter Biden partner Devon Archer says Joe Biden was on calls with foreign patrons for ‘the brand’+++++

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