Friday, August 18, 2023

Biden’s Assault on the Constitution: The 2020 Election Indictment Against Trump is Just the Latest Example

A quote by David Horowitz, the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, appears on the top of the webpages of the Freedom Center’s online publication Frontpage Magazine: “Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out.”
The left-wing progressive Biden administration has proven Mr. Horowitz correct time and time again. It is on a mission to stamp out political dissent that deviates from the progressive Democrat party line, trampling on the First Amendment and a fair election process.
But this is nothing new for progressives who believe they have a monopoly on truth.
Progressives’ attack on the cornerstone of Americans’ fundamental rights, the First Amendment’s protection of free speech, dates back to Democratic President Woodrow Wilson’s administration. Wilson was an early leader of the Progressive Movement more than a century ago. He disdained the limits placed on government by the Constitution.
After the United States entered World War I during the Wilson administration, Woodrow Wilson launched an unsparing attack on dissenters who dared to freely express their views on the war and other public policy matters. “Woodrow Wilson set the tone,” Chicago Law Professor Geoffrey Stone declared, “of an utter intolerance for dissent and disagreement.”
With the passage of the Sedition Act of 1918 in hand, the Wilson administration went after political dissenters with a vengeance.
Wilson’s Attorney General Mitchell Palmer had thousands of American citizens and immigrants rounded up and detained without a warrant upon the general suspicion of being associated with alleged subversives, in what became known as the “Palmer Raids.”
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President Wilson called Eugene Victor Debs, a Socialist leader who spoke out against the war and the draft, a “traitor to his country.” Debs was charged with sedition and imprisoned.
Fast forward to the Biden era. As a presidential candidate Joe Biden said that if he were to be elected, he would be the “most progressive president in history.” President Biden has kept that promise – so much so that even Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is pleased with Biden’s progressive agenda and has said that he will support the president for re-election.
In keeping with the progressive example set by Woodrow Wilson’s administration in stamping out dissent, the Biden administration has been putting the First Amendment on the chopping block.
For example, the Biden Department of Justice, headed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, has labeled parents expressing their concerns about woke public school curriculums at Board of Education meetings as domestic terrorists, subject to possible criminal prosecution. It charged a peaceful pro-life protester, who clashed with a Planned Parenthood escort outside an abortion clinic because the escort was harassing the protester’s son, with a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. The protester was acquitted of the charge, for which he could have been imprisoned for eleven years if convicted. With armed FBI agents arresting the peaceful protester at his home in front of his family, the Biden administration meant to send a message of intimidation to pro-life protesters. The FBI on President Biden’s watch is also reported to have targeted traditional Catholics for surveillance, including those who recite mass in Latin. You cannot even be safe in a place of worship without the Biden law enforcement agents keeping an eye on you.
And let us not forget how Biden administration officials colluded with high-tech companies to censor the posting on social media platforms of content they claimed was misinformation.
However, the progressive Biden administration’s worst attack on the First Amendment was yet to come. On August 1, in a blatant attempt to interfere with next year’s presidential election, Merrick Garland’s handpicked Special Counsel, Jack Smith, filed an indictment against former President Donald Trump whom Joe Biden may face again in 2024. --->READ MORE HERE
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