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Zelenskyy: We are Advancing On All Fronts of the Offensive; UKRainian Military Reports Advances Up to 1,400 Meters in Different Sectors; Wagner Camps Being Built in Belarus; East Europe NATO Allies Say Wagner Troops in Belarus Spell Trouble, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Zelenskyy: We are advancing on all fronts of the offensive:
Ukrainian defenders are moving forward on all fronts where they are conducting offensive actions.
Source: Zelenskyy's evening address
Quote from Zelenskyy: "And, of course, the front line. Our heroes, our active actions. Today, we also have advancement! In all directions where we are conducting offensive operations."
Details: The President thanked the Ukrainian soldiers. "Today we have important results in repelling Russian assaults. I am very grateful to you!" he emphasised.
Zelenskyy also paid special tribute to the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, the 28th Separate Mechanised Brigade, the 54th Separate Mechanised Brigade and the 57th Separate Motorised Infantry Brigade. "Thank you for every occupier destroyed and every Ukrainian life saved!" the president said. --->READ MORE HERE
Asami Terajima/The Kyiv Independent
Military reports advances up to 1,400 meters in different sectors:
Ukrainian forces advanced up to 1,400 meters in various sectors of the front over the past day, in spite of Russian counterattacks, Serhii Cherevatyi, the spokesman for the Eastern Command, said on June 27.
"The enemy does not cease its counterattacks, but achieves no success because we know everything about our enemy and work in advance to destroy their manpower and military equipment," Cherevatyi said on television.
Russia further lost one Gvozdika artillery system, three armored vehicles, a D-30 howitzer, an anti-aircraft gun S-60, a drone "Zala," eight ammunition storages, and seven transport vehicles, Cherevatyi said.
Ukraine's military continues to engage Russian forces in Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk oblasts during its ongoing counteroffensive. President Volodymyr Zelensky said on the night of June 27 that the troops have "made progress in all areas."
Ukrainian forces have also advanced on both the northern and southern flanks of Bakhmut and liberated the village of Rivnopil in Donetsk Oblast on June 26. --->READ MORE HERE
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