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Voters Know Biden’s Talking Baloney on His Economic Record; Biden Goes All In on Bidenomics. Voters Aren’t Buying It; Twitter Declares ‘factual error’ in Biden Tweet Boasting About Economy, Wages

NY POST: Voters know Biden’s talking baloney on his economic record:
President Joe Biden has made it clear: He’s running for reelection on his economic record.
This means he’ll have to lie through his teeth, hoping voters ignore what they see in their own wallets.
If he’s honest, he’ll lose in a landslide.
Biden began hyping his economic “progress” in Chicago last month and has kept the drumbeat going ever since.
“Inflation . . . is now down to 3%,” he tweeted just last week.
That’s true — but it soared to a record-high 9% last year and took 26 long months to come back down to its current level. (So much for the mild, “transitory” price hikes Biden promised.)
It’s also still double the rate when he took office.
And the credit for bringing it down belongs entirely to the Federal Reserve, which pushed interest rates higher at an unprecedented rate.
Biden, by contrast, is still pushing inflation up, by goosing federal spending wherever possible: His latest is a push to forgive $39 billion in student loans. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden Goes All In on Bidenomics. Voters Aren’t Buying It:
PHILADELPHIA—President Biden stood at the lectern of a shipyard here with a familiar pitch as he seeks a second White House term: The economy remains strong.
“It’s not an accident, it’s my economic plan in action,” Biden told a crowd of mostly union workers Thursday at the latest stop on his nationwide record-burnishing tour. “Together, we’re transforming the country.”
But many voters aren’t buying it. They say they haven’t felt the impact of legislation that’s the centerpiece of Biden’s campaign, and they cite what may be his main albatross—inflation. High prices have turned economic issues that could’ve been a tailwind for his re-election into a headwind.
“Inflation’s terrible. Everything’s more expensive than it was,” said James Watson, 31 years old, an independent voter who manages a convenience store at a Philadelphia gas station.
Watson said he opposed former President Donald Trump, who is leading polls for the Republican presidential nomination, over his inflammatory comments on race and allegations of sexual assault. But he is likely to vote for a third-party candidate next year, as he did in 2020, because he’s concerned about Biden’s age and feels conditions in the country haven’t substantially improved since the 80-year-old took office.
That hesitation about Biden’s age and record explains why the incumbent is essentially tied in most polls with Trump, who remains unpopular and faces multiple criminal indictments, and why some Democrats worry a third-party ticket could attract enough swing votes to tip the election to the GOP.
Recent polls also show a disconnect between a buoyant labor market, which added 1.67 million jobs this year through June, and how voters feel about the economy. Robust consumer spending, inflation declining from a peak of 9.1% in June 2022 to 3% a year later and a stabilizing housing market have done little to move public perception on an issue that often ranks as a top priority for Americans at the ballot box.
A Monmouth University poll released Wednesday showed only three in 10 Americans feel the country is doing a better job recovering economically than the rest of the world since the Covid-19 pandemic. Respondents were split on Biden’s handling of jobs and unemployment, with 47% approving and 48% disapproving of his performance. --->READ MORE HERE
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