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UKRainian Military Getting Closer to Significant Success; UKRs Tavria Troops Destroy 9 Ammunition Depots, Demolish RUssian Military Equipment; UKR Advances 1,700 Meters in Melitopol Direction; Pentagon Says Cluster Munitions have Arrived in UKR, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Photo:REUTERS/Софія Гатилова
Ukrainian military getting closer to significant success, says Estonian intelligence chief
The Armed Forced of Ukraine can soon expect greater success in their counter-offensive, Estonian news outlet ERR quoted Colonel Margo Grosberg, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center, as saying on July 14.
Speaking at a press briefing held at the Ministry of Defense in Tallinn, Grosberg talked about the tactics used by Ukrainian forces to destroy the command posts and logistics centers of the Russian armed forces with precision strikes, success in the areas bordering the war-torn town of Bakhmut, and the descriptions of the Russian general, which give an idea of the end of the Russian reserves.
“All this shows that the Ukrainians are close to success of a larger sort,” Grosberg said.
Ukraine’s current preparatory attacks are aimed at concentrating on Russian units in narrow sections, and finding weak points where breakthroughs can be made. To the same end, vital Russian army transport hubs and logistics points and command centers in the rear are under attack, he explained.
The colonel also discussed how Ukrainian units have been able to capture key areas to the north and south of Bakhmut, giving them the ability direct artillery fire at the town, which itself is still in the hands of Russian troops, and to gain control of the roads leading into the town. This has caused resupply problems for Russian units located there, Grosberg said.
In addition, the presence of Russian airborne troops, who have been in Bakhmut since the spring and are therefore still tied up in the town and suffering losses without scope for withdrawing them, is also exerting a major impact. Considering airborne forces are generally the Russian military’s elite, with a higher morale, aggression etc. than many other troops, their motivation will nonetheless eventually be sapped, Grosberg added. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Sergey Bobok/AFP via Getty Images
Tavria troops destroy 9 ammunition depots, demolish Russian military equipment:
Ukrainian forces in the Tavria Group made gains on the southern front line, destroying nine ammunition depots and wrecking military equipment in Russian-occupied territory on July 14, Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi reported on Telegram.
"The defense forces are systematically driving the enemy from their positions," Tarnavskyi said.
Tavria artillery units carried out 1,117 firing missions on July 14, Tarnavskyi said. Over the course of the day, Ukrainian defense forces killed or wounded what amounted to "over a company" of Russian fighters.
The troops also destroyed nine ammunition depots and 33 units of Russian military equipment, including two armored personnel carriers, a Strela anti-aircraft missile system, and several UAVs.
The Tavria Operational and Strategic Group leads Ukraine's counteroffensive in the south under the command of General Tarnavskyi. Occupying Russian forces there hold strong defensive positions fortified by minefields, slowing the advance of Ukrainian troops. --->READ MORE HERE
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