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UKRaine Says It Is Advancing Near Bakhmut; Previously Occupied Territories Were Regained On Bakhmut Front; UKR Assured U.S. It Won’t Use Cluster Munitions in Civilian Areas; AP PHOTOS: Russia’s War in UKR Reaches the 500-Day Mark, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Ukraine says it is advancing near eastern city of Bakhmut:
Ukraine said on Friday its troops had advanced by more than a kilometre near the eastern city of Bakhmut in the past day of fighting against Russian forces.
The comments were the latest by Kyiv signalling that the counteroffensive it launched in early June is gradually making progress although Russian accounts of fighting in the Bakhmut sector differ from Ukraine's.
"The defence forces continue to hold the initiative there, putting pressure on the enemy, conducting assault operations, advancing along the northern and southern flanks," Serhiy Cherevatyi, spokesperson for the eastern military command, told Ukrainian television.
"In particular, over the past day, they have advanced more than one kilometre (0.62 mile)."
General Oleksander Syrskyi, who is in charge of Ukraine's land forces, also said Ukrainian troops were pushing forward in the direction of Bakhmut.
"The defence forces are making progress and advancing," he said, adding that some territory had been regained but providing no details.
A spokesperson for the armed forces general staff said Ukrainian forces had had "partial success" near the village of Klishchiivka, just southwest of Bakhmut. --->READ MORE HERE
Previously occupied territories were regained on Bakhmut front - Ukraine’s Commander of Ground Forces:
Ukraine’s Armed Forces have regained the previously occupied territories on the Bakhmut front.
Source: Statement from Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Quote: "Bakhmut front. The Defence Forces are making progress and advancing. They have regained the previously occupied territories."
Details: Syrskyi did not indicate the details of the advancement but posted a video of the work of the 3rd Assault Brigade on the outskirts of Bakhmut. "Two shots from an NLAW and a Javelin, and the occupiers’ T-80 tank turned into scrap metal," he wrote.
3-я ОШБр на околицях Бахмута знищує російський танк pic.twitter.com/CzOxi7zODk
— Українська правда ✌️ (@ukrpravda_news) July 7, 2023
Ukrainska Pravda is on Threads now
Earlier, Syrskyi expressed his conviction in an interview that the embattled city of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast would be liberated from the invaders. --->READ MORE HERE
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