Thursday, July 27, 2023

Suspected Portland Serial Killer was Let Out Early Due to COVID Concerns; Deleted GOP Docs Reveal Exact Moment Experts Suspected COVID Lab Leak But Did This Instead, and other C-Virus related stories

Suspected Portland serial killer was let out early due to COVID concerns:
A career criminal being eyed in the grisly murders of four Oregon women in 2022 had his sentence cut short and was released a year earlier due to concerns over COVID-19 spreading behind bars.
Jesse Lee Calhoun, 38, was among about 1,000 inmates granted clemency by Democratic former Oregon Gov. Kate Brown as fears over the spread of the pandemic swept through the nation, the Willamette Week reported.
Calhoun had been sent to prison in 2019 on a series of felony convictions, including burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, injuring a cop and choking a police canine and was due to be jailed until June 2022.
He had also gotten time shaved off his sentence for joining inmates in fighting wildfires in the state.
This week Calhoun was identified as a person of interest in the deaths of four women — Ashley Real, 22, Bridget Webster, Kristin Smith, 22, and Charity Lynn Perry, 24 — according to Willamette Week’s sources.
All four women died in suspicious circumstances in the Portland metro area and, alongside two other cases, sparked initial concerns of a serial killer in June. --->READ MORE HERE
Deleted GOP Docs Reveal Exact Moment Experts Suspected COVID Lab Leak But Did This Instead:
It has now been revealed that scientific experts in 2020 viewed the theory of COVID-19 being leaked from a lab in Wuhan as “very likely,” but instead chose to sign a paper in March of that year saying the opposite.
The March paper, titled “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2” was signed by a group of scientists in 2020 and played an influential role in shaping public consensus that the pandemic had originated in a Chinese wet market — not a lab.
House Republicans on the subcommittee investigating the origins of COVID-19 accidentally released a set of new documents on Wednesday containing screenshots of emails and Slack messages which show that the scientists who signed onto the “Proximal Origin” paper believed the opposite of what they told the public.
The inadvertently released documents included emails and Slack messages that were cropped and showed the scientists’ real-time thinking in 2020.
The recently exposed documents included cropped emails and Slack messages, exposing the motive of the “Proximal Origin” authors.
The subcommittee’s report, which contained the cropped set of emails and messages, was created using “Acrobat PDFMaker 23 for Word,” according to The Intercept, which noted that the report was initially drafted as a Word document.
Despite having cropped the information, Word keeps the original image when an image is cropped. --->READ MORE HERE
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