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Sanctuary Country: Biden Slashes Requests for Federal Custody of Criminal Illegal Aliens; Increased Illegal Immigration Brings Increased Crime: Almost 2/3 of Federal Arrests Involve Noncitizens

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Sanctuary Country: Biden Slashes Requests for Federal Custody of Criminal Illegal Aliens:
President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has drastically slashed the number of requests it sends to local law enforcement agencies to turn over criminal illegal aliens in their custody for arrest and deportation from the United States, newly released data shows.
The data, collected and published by Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University, shows that since the start of the Biden administration in late January 2021, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has cut the number of detainers issued to local police.
These detainers ask police to hold illegal aliens arrested on local charges in their custody until they can be turned over to ICE agents for arrest and deportation. Sanctuary jurisdictions refuse to honor such detainers and free illegal aliens back into communities.
Now, data published by TRAC, finds Biden’s DHS has implemented a quasi-sanctuary country by massively reducing the number of ICE detainers issued to police.
For example, under the Trump administration, ICE was issuing more than 15,000 detainers a month in parts of 2018 and averaged about 13,000 to 14,000 detainers a month before Fiscal Year 2020, when the Chinese coronavirus pandemic hit.
Compare those monthly figures to when Biden took office and monthly detainers dropped to 2,200 by March of 2021 and increased to just about 3,800 in September 2021. --->READ MORE HERE
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Increased Illegal Immigration Brings Increased Crime: Almost 2/3 of Federal Arrests Involve Noncitizens:
Customs and Border Protection encountered over 275,000 illegal aliens crossing our borders nationwide in April alone, setting a distressing precedent for increased illegal entries under the Biden administration. While the majority of illegal aliens seek a better life, the undeniable link between increasing illegal immigration and crime poses a significant threat to American communities.
President Joe Biden’s decision to grant mass parole for millions of aliens, allowing them to remain illegally in the United States, only amplifies the devastating effects of increased illegal immigration on our society.
Since Biden took office, over 6.2 million illegal aliens have been encountered at the nation’s borders, and over 2 million of them have been released into the nation’s interior. A considerable number of them have engaged in criminal activities once they settled.
In 2023 alone, Border Patrol agents have encountered thousands of illegal aliens with prior criminal convictions, including assault, rape, and murder. The true extent of crimes committed by illegal aliens remains unknown because there are also over 1.5 million unaccounted for “gotaways” since Biden’s term began.
A 2021 Department of Justice report revealed that 64% of federal arrests in 2018 involved noncitizens, despite them comprising only 7% of the population at that time. While the Biden administration fails to provide continuous updates on illegal alien crime data, Texas’ Department of Public Safety maintains a running database of such incidents. Other states should follow suit.
Several chilling examples underscore the urgency of the situation. Alexis Saborit, an illegal alien from Cuba with a history of violence, beheaded his girlfriend with a machete in July 2021.
In April of this year, Francisco Oropeza, deported four times in the last 14 years, was accused of gunning down five Honduran immigrants in Cleveland, Texas—including an innocent 8-year-old.
In February, Bryan Marquez, who had deportation orders but was still in the United States, brutally murdered his roommate by beating him. He was charged with first-degree murder. --->READ MORE HERE
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