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Ron DeShrinking Blames Struggling Campaign on Pity for the Don; Report: Ron DeSantis Fires Several Staffers as Struggling 2024 Presidential Campaign Faces Cash Crunch; ‘You Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned’: Trump Campaign Highlights DeSantis Struggles in Memo to Governor’s Donors

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Ron DeShrinking blames struggling campaign on pity for the Don:
Ron DeSanctimonious is now playing the DeSympathy Card. He claims the reason Donald Trump is leading him by 30 points in early polls is that people feel bad for the former president over all the political indictments against him.
Just when you were wondering if Mr. DeSantis has trouble understanding regular Republican voters, he clears it up for you. He DEFINITELY has trouble relating to regular Republican voters if he thinks they support Mr. Trump because they feel sorry for him.
“I think there was a lot of sympathy,” Mr. DeSantis, the governor of Florida, said of Mr. Trump’s commanding lead.
Now, that’s not to say that Mr. Trump’s Christmas tree of indictments hasn’t helped him among Republican voters. But it’s not because people feel sorry for him. The reason the indictments have helped Mr. Trump is that all the crazy persecutions remind voters just how much the political establishment despises Mr. Trump.
If these people hate Mr. Trump so much that they invent fake news, fake investigations, fake impeachments and fake indictments to keep him out of office, voters figure, then he must be doing something right.
Mr. Trump has always been a master of drawing the best enemies.
Among Mr. Trump’s most useful enemies has always been National Review magazine, the self-proclaimed standard-bearer of conservatism for decades — decades in which the American political scene has lurched uncontrollably leftward. Famously, the magazine rounded up all the leading Washington political experts who claimed to be conservative in 2016 and devoted an entire issue to excoriating Donald Trump. --->READ MORE HERE
Report: Ron DeSantis Fires Several Staffers as Struggling 2024 Presidential Campaign Faces Cash Crunch:
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is vying for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, has reportedly fired numerous campaign staffers amid financial woes and lackluster poll numbers.
A source told NBC News that the firings were an effort to cut costs, and that they primarily affected mid-level staffers across multiple departments. Politico reported that fewer than 10 people were cut, while NBC News reported the number as "roughly a dozen" and suggested that more were coming.
Generra Peck, the campaign manager who spearheaded DeSantis’ 2022 gubernatorial reelection bid, is facing backlash among those in the Republican’s inner circle. “She should be,” a DeSantis donor told NBC News, adding, "DeSantis stock isn’t rising. Twenty percent is not what people signed up for."
“They never should have brought so many people on,” a separate Republican source told the outlet. "The burn rate was way too high. People warned the campaign manager, but she wanted to hear none of it.”
The donor noted that DeSantis, 44, changed his campaign staff three times each time he ran for Congress, and that he also had a big staff shakeup in his 2018 gubernatorial race.
“Americans are rallying behind Ron DeSantis and his plan to reverse Joe Biden’s failures and restore sanity to our nation, and his momentum will only continue as voters see more of him in person, especially in Iowa,” said DeSantis spokesperson Andrew Romeo, as reported by Politico. “Defeating Joe Biden and the $72 million behind him will require a nimble and candidate-driven campaign, and we are building a movement to go the distance.” --->READ MORE HERE
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