Thursday, July 20, 2023

President Joe Biden’s Border ‘Compassion’ Got Us Funerals And Fentanyl; Texas Border Agents Recover 13 Migrant Bodies in a Week, and related stories

President Joe Biden’s Border ‘Compassion’ Got Us Funerals And Fentanyl:
The White House pretends it isn’t responsible for the tragedies stemming from the U.S. border, but migrants and Americans know better.
Border Patrol agents in Texas recovered the bodies of four migrants, including a baby, who drowned attempting to illegally cross the Rio Grande last weekend — but could not verify their identities because none of the river’s victims carried documentation.
“The identities of the deceased remain unknown since none possessed identifying documents,” a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman confirmed on Twitter on Monday.
Democrats repeatedly call for “compassion” at the border. But how compassionate is it that a baby, a woman who was presumably the baby’s mother, and two other people who were sold the promise of an easier journey and better life in the U.S. under President Joe Biden’s open border policies won’t get a funeral by their loved ones because they were told by taxpayer-funded organizations to lose their identification? --->READ MORE HERE
Texas border agents recover 13 migrant bodies in a week:
Border Patrol agents have seen an uptick in daily apprehensions across the southern border in the past three weeks as migrants try to cross into the U.S. in brutal heat.
Agents made over 200 heat-related rescues in the last week at the border, according to agents. Officials also reported over 100 migrants died from the heat, with agents recovering 13 dead migrants in the past week alone.
Saturday morning, agents in the Del Rio Sector provided medical care to a migrant child suffering from dehydration in the south Texas heat, which hit the triple digits. Migrant children are often abandoned by human smugglers and left alone to survive the extreme conditions without food or water.
Officials also report an uptick in drownings in the Rio Grande River as migrants attempt to swim across it into the U.S. The Texas Department of Public Safety tells NewsNation that state troopers have recovered four migrant bodies, including one of an infant, in the past week.
Despite the dangerous heat and brutal conditions at the southern border, migrants tell NewsNation they are willing to risk their lives to make it into the U.S. after living in dangerous Mexican border towns for months.
After trying for months to schedule an asylum interview on the government-run CBP One app, migrants say their patience has run out. --->READ MORE HERE
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