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Establishment Media Hide Joe Biden’s Migrant Inflow; June Border Data Show That the Biden Administration is Hiding Illegal Migration, Not Stopping It

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Establishment Media Hide Joe Biden’s Migrant Inflow:
Establishment media outlets are claiming that President Joe Biden has sharply reduced his wage-cutting, rent-spiking illegal migration flow across the southern border.
But those media-backed claims hide Biden’s policy of inviting more economic migrants in via the multiple side doors in the border.
The establishment articles also portray migration as a logistics issue — how can migrants be quickly registered, released, and transported northwards? — instead of an elite economic policy that is intended to transfer wealth from ordinary Americans to wealthy coastal investors.
“Migrant crossings along U.S.-Mexico border plummeted in June amid stricter asylum rules,” a June 9 CBS News headline claimed.
“Number of Migrants at the Border Plunges as Mexico Helps U.S. to Stem Flow,” the New York Times reported July 9.
“Southern border ‘eerily quiet’ after policy shift on asylum seekers,” says the July 12 headline in the Washington Post, above an article that reported “a nearly 70 percent drop in illegal entries since early May,”
“This is false,” responded a tweet from NumbersUSA, adding, “Massive numbers still coming illegally.” The Post “plays along” with Biden’s PR, the tweet added.
Unsurprisingly, pro-migration advocates cheered the misleading reports. “Surely this will be headlines in FauxNews and ⁦@CNN, no? Especially after all that breathless reporting by ignorant and ill informed reporters,” tweeted immigration lawyer Charles Kuck.
These misleading reports are just the newest twist in the establishment’s multi-decade efforts to hide the scale, impact, and damage caused by migration. --->READ MORE HERE
June Border Data Show That the Biden Administration is Hiding Illegal Migration, Not Stopping It
The following statements were issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in response to the June border encounter data released by Customs and Border Protection:
“Encounters of illegal migrants by the Border Patrol at the Southwest Border were down in June, but only because the Biden administration has invented other means of allowing large numbers of inadmissible aliens to enter the country. While Customs and Border Protection data highlights the decline in the number of people entering between ports of entry along the southern border, the number of encounters nationwide remained an unacceptably high 211,575 last month, or more than 7,000 per day. Under the highest year of the Trump administration, in 2019, average monthly encounters were 95,668, or roughly 3,100 per day. The Biden administration can hardly claim success.
“When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration’s strategy is to make it less visible to the American public, not to rein in the unprecedented flow of migrants. Their strategy entails redirecting migrants away from crossing between ports of entry, by allowing them to enter through land ports of entry or to fly directly to the United States. They have done so through the blatant abuse of parole authority and by encouraging a growing number of illegal migrants to use the CBP One phone app. --->READ MORE HERE
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