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Ben & Jerry’s Gets 'Bud Light Treatment' After Claiming July 4 That US Sits On ‘stolen indigenous land'; Unilever Stock Loses $2B Amid Calls to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s Over Tweet

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Ben & Jerry’s gets 'Bud Light treatment' after claiming July 4 that US sits on ‘stolen indigenous land':
Bud Light lost billions in a similar boycott call
Ben & Jerry's customers are calling for a Bud Light-style boycott of the ice cream brand after it blasted the U.S. as existing "on stolen land" this week.
The company's official Twitter account called on customers to commit to "returning" indigenous land and said they should "start with Mount Rushmore." Social media users expressed outrage at the timing of the statement, which landed on Independence Day.
"This 4th of July, it's high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it," Ben & Jerry's wrote on its Twitter account, linking to a blog post on the topic.
"Ah, the Fourth of July. Who doesn't love a good parade, some tasty barbecue, and a stirring fireworks display?" the company wrote. "The only problem with all that, though, is that it can distract from an essential truth about this nation’s birth: The US was founded on stolen Indigenous land.
"This year, let’s commit to returning it. Here’s why we need to start with Mount Rushmore."
The online backlash was near instantaneous, with many users calling for a boycott of the brand. --->READ MORE HERE
Unilever stock loses $2B amid calls to boycott Ben & Jerry’s over tweet:
Ben & Jerry’s parent company has lost nearly $2 billion in market cap amid calls to boycott the Vermont-based ice cream maker over a July 4 tweet condemning the US for existing on “stolen Indigenous land.”
Shares of Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch multinational firm, slid 0.8% Thursday after closing down 0.5% the previous day.
The company’s stock price has closed Thursday at $51.31, nearly $1 below its closing price of $52.28 during Monday’s shortened trading — and the day before Ben & Jerry’s posted its unpatriotic tweet.
The result has seen its market cap drop to $128.5 billion from $130.2 billion on Monday.
Ben & Jerry’s, which was acquired by Unilever but whose board remains independent in voicing its views on political issues, said the July 4 celebrations can “distract from an essential truth about this nation’s birth.”
“This 4th of July, it’s high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it,” the brand’s official Twitter account and a statement on Ben & Jerry’s website trumpeted.
“The faces on Mount Rushmore are the faces of men who actively worked to destroy Indigenous cultures and ways of life, to deny Indigenous people their basic rights.” --->READ MORE HERE
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