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White House Official: Biden’s Migration Is an Economic Strategy; Biden Uses Budget to Double-Down on Open-Border Policies; Biden’s open-border policy is unbiblical, historically stupid

White House Official: Biden’s Migration Is an Economic Strategy:
A senior official in the White House says President Joe Biden’s immigration policy is intended to fill new jobs in government spending programs, high-tech firms, and a growing economy.
“We are creating new jobs this year as we’re breaking ground on key infrastructure projects under the President’s bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS and Science Act, [and] new green jobs as we implement the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Katie Tobin, the senior director for transborder security on the National Security Council, adding:
As our economy grows, we need workers that we just don’t have enough of. So it is in our interest to bring people in and to stay competitive globally.
“In closing,” Tobin said on May 15, “the Biden-Harris administration appreciates both the moral responsibility and the strategic opportunity that migration presents — it’s at the heart of our domestic and our foreign policy agendas.”
Tobin’s stealth policy of government-accelerated economic migration could be described as Saudi-style migration, corporatist migration, or perhaps the “Any Willing Worker” strategy pushed by George W. Bush in 2004, said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued:
The federal government is basically serving as a staffing service for American corporations … This administration is clearly rooting for large corporations, the Chamber of Commerce, and employers who don’t want to raise wages, at the expense of ordinary workers. That’s a choice, but it should be made clear what they’re choosing and whose interests they’re serving.
Tobin is a former D.C.-based official of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She spoke at a May 15 event at the investor-run American Enterprise Institute.
Tobin’s admission that migration is being used as a government economic strategy is starkly different from the establishment media’s coverage of migration as a chaotic humanitarian problem. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden Uses Budget to Double-Down on Open-Border Policies
Faced with unprecedented levels of illegal migration, President Biden last week released his $6.8 trillion budget proposal, which includes billions in taxpayer dollars to continue his open-borders agenda.
The most critical part of the President’s budget is his proposal to further gut immigration enforcement. First, the Biden budget proposes cutting funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by one percent. Within Homeland Security, the budgets for both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would be cut, going from $9.1 to $8.7 billion and $20.8 to $19.5 billion, respectively.
The details only get worse. Under Biden’s proposal, border security operations would be cut from $6.4 to $5.7 billion, including a decrease of more than half a billion dollars for the Border Patrol alone. Additionally, funding for border security assets and infrastructure would face cuts at a time when they are badly needed. Finally, instead of protecting the border, the Biden Administration is proposing to hire an additional 460 “processing assistants” to more efficiently process illegal aliens and release them into the U.S.
The budget not only undermines border security measures, it severely weakens the ability to enforce the immigration laws in the interior of the country. Once again, the Biden Administration is proposing to cut the number of aliens maintained in detention facilities to 25,000, a decrease of over 25 percent (9,000) from the current fiscal year and a decrease of 40 percent from fiscal years 2019 and 2020, which averaged around 45,000. On top of decreasing detention capacity, the President’s budget would reduce funding for alternatives to detention activities (such as electronic monitoring and alien check-ins that help the government track people in the country illegally) by $97 million.
President Biden’s budget also makes clear that even deporting criminal aliens is not a priority. The budget reveals that there are 5.3 million people on the “non-detained docket,” typically aliens who are in the country illegally, released into the interior, and waiting for a court hearing. Of those 5.3 million, a stunning 407,000 are convicted criminal aliens. Nevertheless, Biden’s budget only provides enough funding to remove a mere 7 percent of these criminals (a total of 29,389, compared to 150,000 criminal alien removals on average under the Trump Administration). --->READ MORE HERE
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