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What’s in Your Fast Food Chicken Sandwich? Seaweed, Wood and More; Chicken Little! How 14 Popular Fast-Food Chains are Bulking Up Their Poultry-Based Offerings with Seaweed, Beef, Soy, Oats and WOOD

What’s in your fast food chicken sandwich? Seaweed, wood and more:
You may want to think twice before ordering chicken from a fast food restaurant.
Some popular establishments are beefing up their chicken products with ingredients like seaweed and even wood, according to a new investigation from the Daily Mail.
The oven-roasted chicken from Subway contains flavorings and, the chain says, “2% or less” of potato starch and carrageenan — the latter being a natural ingredient that comes from red seaweed.
It is safe for human consumption and commonly used to thicken foods.
Subway came under fire years ago for its chicken after a Canadian report claimed it contained only “about half chicken DNA.”
Subway sued the outlet that aired the report for “false and misleading” claims, but a judge later tossed the $210 million complaint. The chain still maintains its oven-roasted chicken and chicken strips “are made from 100% all white meat chicken.”
At Carl’s Jr., the bun for the spicy chicken sandwich reportedly contains less than 2% of microcrystalline cellulose, a texturizer known as “refined wood pulp,” according to Fooducate, an app that shares food labels.
Wendy’s, another popular fast food chain, admits the breaded fillet in its Classic Chicken Sandwich is only 56% chicken breast.
The patty also consists of water, palm oil, fully refined soybean oil, dehydrated chicken powder, yeast extract, a blend of spices and other ingredients. --->READ MORE HERE
Chicken little! How 14 popular fast-food chains are bulking up their poultry-based offerings with seaweed, beef, soy, oats and WOOD:
Fried chicken is a favorite for millions of Americans - but many of the options offered by America's biggest fast food chains contain other unexpected ingredients.
These restaurants will often fill their food with additives, preservative and even other proteins in order to keep costs to a minimum and give their offerings a longer shelf life. Others may use buzzwords such as 'premium' or 'all-white meat' to describe their poultry-based offerings.
But more surprising ingredients - such as beef, seaweed and even wood pulp - can be found in the recipe for some chicken-based products at major restaurants.
And some poultry products might also include potentially dangerous allergens such as soy.
As an exclusive investigation by shows some indulgent treats have up to 120 ingredients, it is worth being aware of what has gone into your chicken burger or nuggets.
The enduringly popular McDonald's Chicken McNuggets have been the center of controversy in the past - after a now-debunked video emerged in 2010 of 'pink slime' supposedly going into the nuggets at a factory.
The brand worked hard to dispel this myth, but the treats are still not made from 100 percent chicken meat.
The nuggets do contain white boneless chicken, but they are also full of several types of flour, flavorings, spices, acid, yeast extract, dextrose and lemon juice solids.
Wendy's --->LOTS MORE HERE
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