Thursday, June 8, 2023

UKRaine Hacks RUssian TV With Video Trolling Moscow Over Counteroffensive; UKR Military Urges 'silence' ahead of Expected Counteroffensive; UKR Army Makes Advances at the Front; UKR-Backed Troops Capture RU Soldiers in Cross-Border Foray, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine hacks Russian TV with video trolling Moscow over counteroffensive:
Ukrainian hackers breached Russian TV channels in occupied Crimea Sunday, broadcasting a slickly produced video hinting at the impending start of Kyiv’s counteroffensive.
Several Ukrainian news outlets reported that broadcasts of the Russian cable channels “Rossiya” and “Friday” were interrupted with a recording from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense showing Kyiv’s heavily armed troops staring into the camera while holding a finger to their lips.
The enigmatic footage was accompanied by a message in Ukrainian that read: “Plans like silence. There will be no announcement that ‘it’s starting.'”
The clip ended with a shot of two fighter jets soaring in the sky — an apparent nod to Ukraine’s efforts to procure warplanes from its Western allies — and a man’s voice off camera saying, “Shhh.”
Ukraine’s national public broadcasting company, known as Suspilne, reported the hack, citing information from a resident in the city of Simferopol in Crimea, according to the Ukrainian outlet Ukrainska Pravda.
Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to the Kremlin-appointed head of Crimea, confirmed the breach in a statement Sunday.
“The broadcasts of several Crimean cable operators have been hacked,” Kryuchkov said. “The signal is being cut. Broadcast television — all multiplexes — are working as usual.”
This was not Ukrainian cyber-warriors’ first foray into Crimea since the start of the war. --->READ MORE HERE
REUTERS/Gleb Garanich
Ukraine military urges 'silence' ahead of expected counteroffensive
The Ukrainian military on Sunday renewed its plea for operational silence around a long-awaited counteroffensive against Russian forces, the latest in a stream of messages by Kyiv as it prepares for the assault.
Anticipation has mounted around what is expected to be a broad attack by Ukrainian forces to retake Russian-occupied territory in the east and south.
But Ukrainian officials have repeatedly discouraged public speculation over the operation, saying it could help the enemy.
Authorities in recent days have also cracked down on citizens sharing images or footage of air defence systems shooting down Russian missiles.
"Plans love silence. There will be no announcement of the start," the ministry said in a video posted to official Telegram channels, apparently referring to the counteroffensive.
The sleekly-produced footage featured masked and well-armed front-line troops holding their fingers against their lips, gesturing for silence amid the distant rumble of artillery and gunfire.
It ended with images of soaring F-16 fighter jets - long coveted by Kyiv as it seeks to boost its air defence against Russian missiles and drones. --->READ MORE HERE
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