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Trump Is Indicted, But Biden Is the Real Criminal; Coincidence? Trump Indictment Drops Same Day Biden Bribery Docs Revealed; Nothing To See Here but a Credible Whistleblower Accusing the President of Bribery

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The Morning Briefing: Trump Is Indicted, But Biden Is the Real Criminal:
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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lula made sure that her heavy cream was always whipped to Gordon Ramsay-level perfection.
The more the Trump haters try to harass him out of the race, the more I want to vote for him.
As we are all painfully aware, the Democrats don’t wait until it’s election time to interfere with an election. They’re on it way ahead of schedule. Lefties want Donald Trump off of the 2024 ballot, and they don’t care how badly they pervert the law to make that happen.
Matt has the story of the latest interference:
Former President Trump claims that he has been indicted by a federal grand jury for mishandling classified material by retaining sensitive documents from his White House tenure at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago.

If true, this would be Trump’s second indictment since leaving office, but his first on federal charges, and completely unprecedented, considering that the administration of his political rival, Joe Biden, has indicted him. The charges are especially troubling in light of the fact that Joe Biden was revealed earlier this year to have mishandled classified documents despite having had no legal authority to declassify them.
Joe Biden is guilty of pretty much everything. Trump is a halo-wearing saint compared to President LOLEightyOneMillion and his drug-dealing kid. Biden has classified document from the days when MTV still played music videos but no one in the Justice Department wants to upset the pudding-brained boss. --->READ MORE HERE
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Coincidence? Trump Indictment Drops Same Day Biden Bribery Docs Revealed:
On Thursday, after weeks of resisting the House Oversight Committee’s requests for the FD-1023 form from 2020 detailing bribery allegations made against Joe Biden, FBI Director Christopher Wray granted the House Oversight Committee access to the document.
The form contains allegations that Joe Biden received a payment of $5 million from an executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, where Biden’s son Hunter Biden served on the board while he was serving as vice president. Hunter Biden also allegedly received $5 million as part of the deal, and the payments were concealed by using multiple bank accounts.
“$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden,” the Burisma executive told the confidential human source.
The source of the allegation has been an FBI informant since 2010, with a track record of providing reliable information. Despite this, the FBI never investigated the allegations, just like it didn’t investigate allegations made against Hillary Clinton, but did pursue the bogus claims that Trump colluded with Russia.
Curiously, mere hours after granting the Oversight Committee access to the document, the news dropped that the Biden administration had indicted Donald Trump over the alleged mishandling of classified documents. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Nothing To See Here but a Credible Whistleblower Accusing the President of Bribery+++++

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