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‘These Numbers Are Staggering’: Chinese Migrants Continue to Surge Across Southern Border; 13K Chinese Migrants Apprehended on U.S.-Mexico Border Since October

‘These Numbers Are Staggering:’ Chinese Migrants Continue to Surge Across Southern Border:
The influx of Chinese migrants crossing the southern border continued through April, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.
Border Patrol encountered 3,182 migrants from China at the U.S.-Mexico border in April alone, according to CBP data. Chinese migrants often pay hefty smuggling fees to reach the U.S., where they have been found with large sums of U.S. currency, according to Border Patrol agents who recently spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.
In total, Border Patrol has encountered 9,711 Chinese migrants at the southern border between October 2022 and April, marking an already roughly 393 percent increase compared to all of fiscal year 2022.
Migrants from Latin America pay an average of roughly $4,000 each to smugglers, according to a July report from The New York Times.
Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, a Gatestone Institute distinguished senior fellow, and a member of its advisory board, believes many young Chinese migrants are fleeing China due to a lack of hope for their future in the country, he told the DCNF.
“Right now in China there’s extreme pessimism, especially among people in their 20s about the future of their country, so it’s understandable that they’re leaving and they’re trying to get into the United States. And, you know, these are people who are relatively middle class, so it shows you the problems in Chinese society are severe. And that to me, suggests that this is going to get worse because these numbers are staggering.” --->READ MORE HERE
Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas
13K Chinese Migrants Apprehended on U.S.-Mexico Border Since October:
Since the beginning of Fiscal Year 23 on October 1, 2022, Border Patrol agents along the U.S.-Mexico border apprehended nearly 13,000 Chinese migrants. The number represents a more than 1,000 percent increase in migrants from the communist regime when compared to the previous year’s totals.
Nearly 13,000 migrants from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have been apprehended along the U.S. Southwest border with Mexico this fiscal year, according to a CBP source not authorized to speak to the media. Approximately 84 percent of the migrants from the PRC are single adults. After processing by the Border Patrol, most are released to pursue asylum claims in the United States.
Wild jungles, human traffickers, and possible arrest…

Thousands of Chinese nationals have been risking it all on “The Route” to the U.S.

— TaiwanPlus (@taiwanplusnews) June 2, 2023
The source says the agency is baffled by the increase as intelligence debriefings yield little information about the migrants and their purpose for entering. The language barrier is proving to be a challenge according to the source.
“Having to use third-party translation services, Border Patrol agents and intelligence officers who are already struggling to cope with thousands of migrant apprehensions daily, are getting limited intelligence information from the migrants,” the source told Breitbart Texas.
Breitbart Texas also spoke with Dr. Kenneth Allard, a retired Army Colonel and former Dean of Students at the National War College. As an author of several works including Warheads: Cable News and the Fog of War, a former intelligence officer, and special assistant to the Army Chief of Staff, Allard is also concerned with the lack of intelligence regarding the spike in migrant apprehension of citizens from the People’s Republic of China. --->READ MORE HERE
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