Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Texas Erects Innovative Solution to Fed's Border Wall Gaps – Illegal Crossings Just Got Tougher; Texas to Install Inflatable Barrier Along Rio Grande to Thwart Border Crossings

Texas Erects Innovative Solution to Fed's Border Wall Gaps – Illegal Crossings Just Got Tougher:
Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday that the Lone Star State will deploy “marine floating barriers” to combat illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.
The barriers will be enacted at hot spots along the Rio Grande River with the first 1,000 feet being placed near Eagle Pass, according to the press release.
Abbott stated, “This is a new water-based barrier: buoys. We can put mile, after mile, after mile of these buoys.”
The process of adding the barriers in the river has “pretty much immediately” already begun, the governor noted.
Abbott also made it crystal clear that he and administration “are securing the border at the border.”
The release elaborated, “This strategy will proactively prevent illegal crossings between ports of entry by making it more difficult to cross the Rio Grande and reach the Texas side of the southern border.”
During Abbott’s press conference, he praised how the state has handed the surge of immigration since the Biden administration allowed Title 42 to expire.
Former President Donald Trump enacted Title 42 to allow for the quick removal of illegal immigrants. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas to install inflatable barrier along Rio Grande to thwart border crossings:
Texas will install a floating barrier along the Rio Grande to deter migrants from crossing the river into the US illegally, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday.
The first 1,000-foot section will be set up on July 7 near Eagle Pass, a city officials say is a key entry way for illegal border crossings, the third-term Republican said.
The contraption — made up of interconnected 4-foot-wide sphere buoys that spin when grabbed — can be moved and extended to cover “hot spots” where asylum seekers are sneaking into the US, according to Abbott.
The marine partition is just one part of Abbott’s latest efforts to prevent more migrants from coming into the country through the Lone Star State.
The governor signed a package of six new border security bills Thursday to “protect Texans from the record level of illegal immigration, weapons, and deadly drugs pouring into Texas from Mexico caused by President Biden’s refusal to secure the border,” his office said in a news release.
Last month, the Texas state legislature allocated $5.1 billion for border security. --->READ MORE HERE
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