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Senators Press Biden to Release U.S. Intel Analysis of Chinese Spy Balloon Incident; Biden Excuses China’s Spy Balloon Flight as Blinken Visits Beijing; Biden Says Chinese Surveillance Balloon was ‘more embarrassing than it was intentional’

Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense
Senators press Biden to release U.S. intel analysis of Chinese spy balloon incident:
Republican senators are pushing for President Biden to explain why a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to float across the U.S. earlier this year before being shot down.
In a letter spearheaded by Sens. Marco Rubio and Roger Wicker, the lawmakers expressed frustration with the lack of transparency about the incident.
“While four months have passed since a Chinese surveillance balloon was allowed to fly across the United States, your administration has yet to provide the American people a full accounting of how this spy platform was allowed to traverse across sovereign U.S. territory, what the balloon carried, and what it collected during its mission,” the senators wrote.
The letter came as Secretary of State Antony Blinken departs for an official visit to China. Mr. Blinken was scheduled to visit the communist power in February but that trip was scrapped because of the balloon incursion.
At the time of the postponement, there was speculation that Beijing had canceled the trip because of concerns the U.S. would make public the findings of the FBI’s investigation into the balloon. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden Excuses China’s Spy Balloon Flight as Blinken Visits Beijing:
President Biden kicked off his first day of campaigning for re-election by making excuses for communist China — saying that President Xi Jinping never meant to fly a spy balloon over sensitive American military sites earlier this year.
“I don’t think the leadership knew where it was, and knew what was in it, and knew what was going on,” Biden told reporters Saturday as he headed to Philadelphia for his first campaign rally of the 2024 election. “I think it was more embarrassing than it was intentional.”
The conciliatory comments came as Secretary of State Antony Blinken continued a two-day visit to Beijing, his first diplomatic trip there since he called off a planned trip as the balloon made its uncontested three-day journey across US airspace.
“I’m hoping that over the next several months I’ll be meeting with Xi again, and talking about legitimate differences we have but also how … to get along,” Biden added.
Republicans were outraged at Biden’s anemic take on the incursion.
“I’m not sure how the President could say that with a straight face,” Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) told The Post. “Not only was it intentional, it was a direct threat to our national security. China is our greatest geopolitical foe.” --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Biden says Chinese surveillance balloon was ‘more embarrassing than it was intentional’+++++

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