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Republicans Revolt After Eric Adams Sues Upstate Counties for Blocking Migrants from NYC; NYC Mayor Eric Adams Sues 30 New York Counties for Refusing to House Migrants

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams sues 30 New York counties for refusing to house migrants:
New York City Mayor Eric Adams is suing 30 New York counties over local executive orders intended to stop the city from housing migrants in their towns.
Adams, a Democrat, announced a lawsuit Wednesday that calls actions by these counties an "unlawful attempt" to prevent New York City from responding to a statewide emergency and humanitarian crisis. The lawsuit asks the court to declare the local orders null and void.
"This lawsuit aims to put an end to this xenophobic bigotry and ensure our state acts as one as we work together to manage this humanitarian crisis fairly and humanely, as we havelawsuit done from the beginning and as we will continue to do," Adams said in a statement.
New York City has been overwhelmed by tens of thousands of migrants pouring into the five boroughs in the past year. The mayor's office said more than 74,000 asylum-seekers have sought shelter in the city to date — most entering the U.S. from the southern border — with more than 47,200 currently being housed by the City of New York. Hundreds of migrants are arriving daily, with as many as 900 individuals coming to the city in some weeks in May.
The massive influx of migrants has sent the city scrambling to find a place for these people. New York City has opened up more than 160 emergency sites offering temporary shelter, placed migrants in hotels, school gymnasiums and partnered with churches or faith-based organizations to set up shelters in their buildings as well. Adams even suggested that the city pay private homeowners and landlords to house migrants.
With space running out in New York City, Adams declared a state of emergency on May 5 and a "new voluntary program" to transport migrants to other parts of New York state.
"Since this crisis began, New York City has — virtually on its own — stepped up to provide shelter, food, clothing, and other services to asylum-seekers arriving in our city. We are doing our part and will continue to do our part, but we need every locality across the state to do their part as well," Adams said. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans revolt after Eric Adams sues upstate counties for blocking migrants from NYC:
Furious Republican lawmakers outside the five boroughs have vowed to fight New York City Mayor Eric Adams after he sued dozens of counties for refusing to take in illegal immigrants the city had once claimed it was willing to help.
“Mayor Adams has absolutely no jurisdiction or authority over Upstate New York. His attempt to sue over 30 upstate localities that issued emergency orders in response to his irresponsible transfer of illegal immigrants is unacceptable," said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the No. 3 House Republican, in a statement to the Washington Examiner Thursday.
Adams, a Democrat and former police officer, on Wednesday sued more than half of the state's 57 total counties for how they had put forth executive orders and emergency declarations that barred NYC from transporting illegal immigrants into their communities.
Some counties have obtained temporary restraining orders to stop the city from sheltering migrants in their towns. Adams wants to invalidate those local actions, arguing they are obstructing NYC's efforts to respond to the ongoing "statewide humanitarian crisis."
"He’s saying you can’t create an executive order because it’s a state of emergency," said Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) in a phone call Thursday. "But the ... state of emergency is because of the sanctuary policies."
Since Biden took office, more than 5.3 million people have been apprehended by Border Patrol for entering the U.S. from Mexico illegally between ports of entry. In that time, at least 2 million people have been released into the interior of the U.S. and permitted to travel anywhere in the country as they await removal proceedings in court — years down the road. --->READ MORE HERE
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