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Joe Biden: ‘Ugly’ People Shield Their Kids from Transgenderism; President Biden Lashes Out at Critics of LGBTQ Agenda

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Joe Biden: ‘Ugly’ People Shield Their Kids from Transgenderism:
President Joe Biden is using the bully pulpit to stigmatize parents who oppose transgenderism for their kids, even as a growing library of studies confirms public concerns about the safety of government-backed medical interventions.
Biden spoke ahead of the scheduled, base-pleasing “pride month” celebration at the White House, using his platform to criticize adults who are protecting children from so-called “gender-affirming” treatments. Individuals who are worried about the far-left’s attempts to “affirm” a confused child’s gender via hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and genital surgery are, according to Biden, “hysterical.”
“We have some hysterical, and I would argue prejudiced, people who are engaged in what you see going on around the country,” he said.
“It’s an appeal to fear, and it’s an appeal that is unjustified and ugly. It’s wrong,” Biden continued.
Biden addressed a reporter who claimed to speak to a family of a transgender child, describing them as “afraid” and adding that they are considering leaving the country. The 80-year-old asked for the family’s number so he could call the to let them know the president “has their back.”
“It’s wrong that extreme officials are pushing hateful bills, targeting transgender children, terrifying families and criminalizing doctors. These are our kids, these are our neighbors. It’s cruel and it is callous,” he said, repeating the description he used during a March appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, where he criticized the state lawmakers and Gov. Ron DeSantis for barring hormone therapy and sex change surgery for minors. According to Biden, such efforts are “terrible,” “cruel,” and “close to sinful.”
Notably, Florida formally banned the mutilation of minors in the name of “gender affirmation” via S.B. 254.
Florida students and teachers will no longer have to “declare” their pronouns in school or be forced to use pronouns not based on biological sex.

Our teachers will focus on what matters — reading, writing, and arithmetic.

— Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) May 17, 2023
The action followed a report from Florida Medicaid, which found these “treatments” to be “experimental and investigational” in nature. --->READ MORE HERE
President Biden lashes out at critics of LGBTQ agenda:
President Joe Biden on June 8 lashed out at critics of the LGBTQ agenda, calling them “prejudiced” persons who engage in a “thoroughly unjustified and ugly” “appeal to fear”
Taking aim at state legislation that protects girls from the presence of boys in locker rooms and bathrooms, and legislation that protects minors from permanent surgical mutilation, he decried “hateful bills targeting transgender children, terrifying families, and criminalizing doctors.”
Efforts to remove books that advance the LGBTQ agenda from school libraries, he added, are “civil rights violations,” as he announced a “new coordinator to protect LGBT students from book bans.”
At a joint press conference with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the UK, Laura Barrón-López of the PBS NewsHour asked tendentiously:
All over the country, Mr. President, Republican-led states are passing laws—passing anti-LGBTQ, anti-transgender laws that restrict rights and medical care. Intimidation is on the rise. This week, anti-LGBTQ protestors turned violent in California. And also recently, I spoke to the parents of a transgender girl in Texas who told me that they’re afraid and that they are considering leaving not just their state, but the country. Sir, why do you think this is happening? And what do you say to parents, like the ones that I spoke to, to those families who are contemplating leaving the country because they don’t feel safe anymore?
President Biden replied: --->READ MORE HERE

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