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J1 – The Anniversary of the BLM Insurrection at the White House: Before there was J6, there was J1; Three Years Later, No Justice For BLM Insurrection In D.C.

J1 – The Anniversary of the BLM Insurrection at the White House
Before there was J6, there was J1
On May 29th, 2020, the nationwide insurrection by the racist hate group BLM and its leftist allies arrived in the nation’s capital in a very big way.
On Friday night, a violent racist leftist mob, falsely described as “peaceful” by its media allies, converged on the White House. The insurrectionists assaulted Secret Service and Park Police officers. They shouted obscenities and threatened President Trump even as they fought their way past law enforcement personnel to reach the White House.
“It looks like a war zone outside the White House,” Adam Parkhomenko, the former co-founder of Ready for Hillary, commented on a retweeted video of a burning building.
The Democrat insurrectionists hurled Molotov cocktails and rushed out for brief tactical forays even as a more telegenic crowd that was proportionately more female held their hands up for the cameras and chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot”: a BLM hoax popularized during the Michael Brown riots. While these human shields faced off with law enforcement, the real attack was underway with insurrectionists targeting security barriers and Secret Service personnel.
Secret Service personnel faced everything from bricks to incendiary devices and held the line. The insurrectionist assault was aimed at breaking the line, forcing the Secret Service to retreat allowing for a siege of the White House, followed by a full assault and penetration of the grounds. But despite the violence, the Secret Service did not retreat and none of the Democrat insurrectionists were able to make it over the White House fence.
The insurrectionist tactics on display were similar to those that had terrorized cities around the country, but what especially alarmed federal personnel was that the insurrectionists were not just aiming at the White House, but also at the nearby Treasury Department building.
The Treasury Building is connected to the East Wing of the White House by a secret tunnel built after Pearl Harbor to allow the president to evacuate in case of an attack.
When the insurrectionists penetrated barricades set up at the Treasury Building, there was fear that the attackers were preparing to foil a presidential evacuation by hitting both the White House and the Treasury Building, cutting off any possible escape route for President Trump.
With the Treasury evacuation route in danger, the Secret Service brought President Trump, along with Melania and Barron, down to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center. Another relic of the FDR administration, the PEOC is a secretive bunker over 1,000 feet underground with its own air supply that is nearly impossible to penetrate by missile strikes or even by an armed force that has taken control of the White House grounds. --->READ MORE HERE
Three Years Later, No Justice For BLM Insurrection In D.C.
D.C.’s lead prosecutor has turned a blind eye to a six-month campaign of terror in the nation’s capital in 2020 so he could keep his sights on the mostly nonviolent protesters of January 6, 2021...
“Our office prosecutes all acts of violence, regardless of political motivation, the same.”
So said U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves—under oath, mind you, and with a straight face - during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee earlier this month.
Representative Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) questioned Graves’ disparate treatment of Black Lives Matters rioters who terrorized Washington, D.C., in 2020 versus Trump supporters involved in the events of January 6, 2021.
Although the start of both incidents was a mere seven months apart, they are a world away in terms of accountability.
In what Graves calls the “Capitol Siege” investigation, more than 1,000 Trump supporters have been criminally charged.
Graves, a Biden appointee, has promised to double that caseload before he’s finished. His office announces new arrests every week.
That, however, is not the case for rioters who caused far more violence and inflicted far more damage in the nation’s capital in 2020. The rioting that began on May 29, 2020 at Lafayette Square prompted the lockdown of the White House; Donald Trump, his wife, and teenage son were ushered to an underground bunker for their safety as looters and arsonists repeatedly tried to scale the fence and break through police barricades erected outside the White House.
And what started that night in 2020 didn’t just last a few hours, as was the case with the Capitol protest. On June 1, rioters burned part of St. John’s Church, an historical landmark across from the White House, and set ablaze other areas of the public park.
Chaos continued throughout the summer with the president, his family, and White House staff under constant threat. Police arrested 11 people at Lafayette Square in July 2020 for various offenses including assault of a police officer. “The Tuesday night incidents that stretched over hours are the latest confrontations to transpire near the White House, where protesters have been gathering daily for more than a month to protest for racial justice after the killing of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police,” the Washington Post reported on July 8, 2020. --->READ MORE HERE
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