Monday, June 19, 2023

House Committee Opens Probe into DHS Secretary Mayorkas Over ‘dereliction of duty’; Lawmaker Files Impeachment Articles Against Head of Homeland Security Over Border Crisis

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House committee opens probe into DHS Secretary Mayorkas over ‘dereliction of duty’:
The House Homeland Security Committee announced an investigation Thursday into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for “dereliction of duty,” in what could be the first concrete steps toward impeachment.
Rep. Mark Green, Tennessee Republican and the committee chairman, said his panel will hold a hearing next week with former high-ranking department officials to probe Mr. Mayorkas’s conduct while in office.
“The Homeland Security Committee will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to get the facts,” the congressman said. “With over five million alien encounters at the Southwest border, 1.5 million known gotaways, and DHS’ use of the CBP One app to hide the truth, it’s imperative we shine a light on the misleading claims and intentionally reckless policy decisions that have created the worst border crisis in American history.”
His hearing follows on the heels of a House Judiciary Committee meeting this week that examined whether Mr. Mayorkas is faithfully carrying out his duty to execute the law.
Democrats said the two committees are racing each other to try to claim leadership on the path to impeachment — a move the Democrats called unwarranted.
“The idea of impeaching the secretary is ridiculous,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Washington Democrat and Congressional Progressive Caucus chair. “You do not impeach a Cabinet secretary over policy disagreements.”
Exploring an impeachment case against Mr. Mayorkas was one of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s promises last year as he was seeking to consolidate GOP votes behind his bid for the top post. --->READ MORE HERE
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Lawmaker files impeachment articles against head of Homeland Security over border crisis:
Higgins argued Mayorkas has deliberately allowed the border situation to "disintegrate" and ceded control of the region to Mexican drug cartels.
Committee on Homeland Security Chair Clay Higgins, R-LA., has introduced articles of impeachment against Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for his failure to secure the southern border.
The move came after The Committee on Homeland Security examined the DHS Tuesday for their perceived failure to prepare for the termination of Title 42, a COVID-era policy that made it harder for illegal immigrants to make it into the U.S.
Higgins said that impeachment “should require clear evidence of intentional, repeated unconstitutional or illegal actions that bring measurable injury to our Republic.”
“Secretary Mayorkas has long ago crossed that threshold,” Higgins said at the hearing.
Higgins argued Mayorkas has deliberately allowed the border situation to “disintegrate” and ceded control of the region to Mexican drug cartels.
“His arrogant disregard for the security and sanctity of the American people has been shocking to behold,” Higgins said. “I think that in my 62 years, I’ve never met a more pompous, insidious man. I prepared the foundational posit of these articles long ago, yet I’ve been prayerful that impeachment might not be required. I’ve given him fair warning to resign his position. Now, he shall reap what he hath sown.”
During the hearing, the Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy, Blas Nunez-Neto, argued that illegal immigration has decreased by 70% since the termination of Title 42 in May. Higgins cited this was because the Biden Administration has “redefined what an illegal entry is.” --->READ MORE HERE
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