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Heroic IRS Whistleblower Testimony Ensnarls Hunter and Joe Biden in Bribery Scheme; Top Republican Demands House Launch Joe Biden Impeachment Probe Over Hunter Allegations: Ted Cruz Calls WhatsApp Messages with CCP Official 'direct evidence' of First Son's Influence-Peddling, and related stories

Heroic IRS whistleblower testimony ensnarls Hunter and Joe Biden in bribery scheme:
Every taxpayer who dutifully hands over their hard-earned cash every year to the government should be enraged by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley’s testimony about how senior leaders at the Department of Justice, the FBI and the IRS sabotaged the five-year investigation into Hunter Biden and allowed him to walk away with a laughably lenient plea deal and unpaid taxes.
Shapley is a hero, as is the second IRS whistleblower who came forward to the House Ways and Means Committee over the last month to tell the truth about an egregious abuse of power at the highest level of the federal government to protect the president from evidence that implicated him in his son’s overseas business dealings and which line agents worried could have national security implications.
There are two strands to this growing scandal.
First is the original story of political corruption first revealed on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, which The Post broke on Oct. 14, 2020.
Second is the cover-up, which, like Watergate, has become the bigger scandal.
Both strands are covered in Shapley’s bombshell testimony unsealed last week, and are backed up with new evidence he provided, including documents and messages retrieved from a search warrant of Hunter Biden’s iCloud, conversations from recorded internal IRS and DOJ meetings and interview transcripts with associates of Hunter Biden.
Shapley provides further evidence to add to what we previously have reported, that Joe Biden lied repeatedly to the American people when he said he knew nothing about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.
In fact, as we have reported, Joe Biden met with Hunter’s foreign business partners on at least a dozen occasions.
Shapley adds to the list with evidence that Joe joined Hunter and his business partners from the Chinese energy company CEFC at a lunch at the Four Seasons in Washington, DC.
This meeting was revealed by Biden family friend Rob Walker when he was interviewed by an IRS and FBI agent in December 2020. --->READ MORE HERE
Top Republican demands House launch Joe Biden impeachment probe over Hunter allegations: Ted Cruz calls WhatsApp messages with CCP official 'direct evidence' of First Son's influence-peddling:
Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has called for a Congressional probe over whether to impeach Joe Biden over his son's messages with Chinese officials.
Cruz, speaking on a podcast, said a string of texts show that Hunter Biden was using his access to his father to win his lucrative business deals abroad.
It comes after the 53-year-old First Son struck a plea deal last week with federal prosecutors in Delaware over tax and firearm offenses.
But GOP bigwig Cruz said Congress should open an investigation into whether the president himself was using his position to line his pockets.
'Look, this WhatsApp is direct evidence of Joe Biden abusing his government power to enrich his son, and, assuming 10% for the big guy, to enrich himself,' he said.
'Remember, this WhatsApp says 'we want to know.' This is not just me, Hunter, just mooching off my dad.... Of course the House needs to investigate it,' the top Republican claimed.
But any idea that an impeachment motion would succeed is far-fetched because the upper house of Congress, the Senate, is currently controlled by the Democrats.
Conservatives have long claimed that Hunter Biden has been guilty of using his family connections to rake in millions of dollars abroad.
They are investigating his deals in Ukraine and China that they claim were struck thanks to the access he got to his father, who was vice-president under Barack Obama. --->READ MORE HERE
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