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COVID-Vax Disinfo has Weakened Americans’ Confidence in ALL Vaccines; New Pfizer RSV Vaccine Rolls Out Into Headwinds of Hesitancy, and other C-Virus related stories

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COVID-vax disinfo has weakened Americans’ confidence in ALL vaccines:
Confidence in vital vaccines has dropped a shocking 14 percentage points among Americans, and it’s easy to see why.
Per The Wall Street Journal, 93% of Americans reported confidence in vaccines before the pandemic.
Now, after three years of misinformation, flip-flopping and straight-up lies about the COVID vaccine, only 79% do — and much of the messaging that muddied the waters on the vax came directly from Democratic leaders, the CDC and Anthony Fauci himself.
Right off the bat, Dems — blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump — sprang into fear-mongering about the vax being rolled out under Trump.
Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris questioned whether it would be safe.
Biden said the vaccine was “not likely to go through all the tests that needs to be and the trials that are needed to be done.” --->READ MORE HERE
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New Pfizer RSV Vaccine Rolls Out Into Headwinds of Hesitancy:
Vaccine makers are confronting a post-Covid conundrum: New shots are taming a widening range of diseases, but people are more skeptical of them than ever.
The newest vaccine, from Pfizer for a deadly respiratory virus known by the acronym RSV, was approved in the U.S. on Wednesday. Its green light follows clearance of the first RSV shot from GSK earlier this month and a pneumonia shot from Merck & Co. last year. Meantime, new vaccines for HIV, Lyme disease and other pathogens are in the works.
Drugmakers see a fresh opportunity in protecting people from infectious diseases, after the pandemic underscored its moneymaking potential and scientific advances such as messenger RNA technology made more inoculations possible.
Yet companies are preparing to introduce the shots after resistance to vaccination reached new highs during the pandemic, according to health experts and studies.
“We’re going to have our work cut out for us to help people understand these new RSV products,” said Dr. Kelly Moore, chief executive of, a nonprofit that works to increase vaccination rates.
Vaccines guarding against devastating diseases such as polio, smallpox and whooping cough have been among modern medicine’s greatest achievements. A select few, such as Pfizer’s top-selling Prevnar pneumonia vaccine and GSK’s Shingrix shingles shot, have also been commercial juggernauts.
After the coronavirus struck, many people around the world eagerly waited for Covid-19 shots. They came in record time thanks to the new, messenger RNA technology. Pfizer and Moderna rang up tens of billions of dollars in sales, showing the industry and Wall Street that vaccines could be a lucrative business after many companies had shied away because of liability concerns and scientific setbacks. --->READ MORE HERE
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