Thursday, June 22, 2023

Counteroffensive Underway: ‘We overestimated RUssians and underestimated ourselves’; RU Loses 4 companies on Tavriia Front Over past 24 Hours; UKR Hits RU Ammunition Depot Deep in Occupied Territory; UKR Army Repels RU Attacks in 4 Directions, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Counteroffensive underway: ‘We overestimated Russians and underestimated ourselves’:
Islam’s mind was empty of thoughts and feelings as he crawled carefully towards the Russian trenches near Siversk, with grenades prepared.
“You crawl forward and you look carefully,” said the soldier from the 81st Airmobile Brigade days later, after he and his platoon took the positions, several dozen kilometers north of Bakhmut, without losses. “You don’t think about anything, only how to get in there.”
The Russians failed to notice the stealthy Ukrainians until the attackers’ grenades went into the trench. The platoon from the 81st then went in by twos and threes, starting a vicious, close-range firefight with the enemy group.
Many of the Russian troops ran away after being taken by surprise. Some remained in their dugouts, trying to shoot back. They ultimately surrendered but not without trouble — one Russian fighter yelled out “I surrender” right before throwing a grenade. Five prisoners were taken — three Russian national guardsmen and two proxy fighters from occupied Luhansk Oblast.
“There were two observation posts. All their communication was hanging on them,” said Sasha, the platoon commander. He identified his unit only as the 1st Platoon for security reasons. “The enemy didn’t even know that we had taken a third position towards the end of the operation. They didn’t know what was going on.”
The positions were tactically important, giving the Russians fire control and overwatch of much of the district. Supplies of arms and ammunition relied on these positions’ protection, and they hindered the movement of Ukrainian supplies through the area. A decision was made to take them in a sudden strike, giving the platoon two weeks to prepare.
“There was time to prepare, develop a bunch of options, pick the one that works for us and use it,” said Sasha. “Surprise was achieved.”
“What I liked about the assault — it’s said that you should never underestimate your enemy,” he went on. “In this assault, we overestimated their capabilities and underestimated ours.” --->READ MORE HERE
Russia loses four companies on Tavriia front over past 24 hours – Commander of Tavriia Group of Forces:
Brigadier General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, Commander of the Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces, has stated that Russian losses in this area amounted to over four companies in just 24 hours.
Source: Tarnavskyi on Telegram
Quote from Tarnavskyi: "Every 24 hours turns into hell for the Russians. Our soldiers are skilfully crushing the enemy.
The enemy's losses in killed and wounded over the past 24 hours amounted to more than four companies.
77 units of enemy military vehicles were either destroyed or damaged."
Details: Apart from the military personnel and weapons, Tarnavskyi said, 12 Russian ammunition storage points were destroyed. --->READ MORE HERE
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