Saturday, June 10, 2023

Biden’s Pick for New CDC Czar Mandy Cohen Embodies the Worst of Pandemic Policy; CNN’s COVID Coverage, Chris Cuomo Led to Viewer Distrust, Internal Survey Found, and other C-Virus related stories

Biden’s pick for new CDC czar Mandy Cohen embodies the worst of pandemic policy:
President Joe Biden’s choice for new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief is a telegenic authoritarian straight from liberal central casting.
He’s selecting Mandy Cohen thanks in large part to her five-year performance as North Carolina’s health secretary.
Choosing Cohen confirms Team Biden has learned nothing and forgotten nothing about COVID.
Politico says Cohen was picked in part for “the broader political dynamics of an administration gearing up for Biden’s re-election run.”
Team Biden likes Cohen because she appears credible — its favorite substitute for candor.
Cohen will be taking the helm of a public-health agency widely regarded as a public menace.
Early in the Biden administration, CDC kowtowed to teacher unions to craft standards to justify perpetuating COVID school shutdowns, helping blight a generation of children.
No wonder trust in the agency has collapsed from 69% pre-pandemic to 44% nowadays.
The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic complained last week that CDC is “stonewalling” a congressional investigation. --->READ MORE HERE
CNN’s COVID coverage, Chris Cuomo led to viewer distrust, internal survey found:
CNN’s sensationalist coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a lack of trust among viewers, according to an internal survey commissioned by the cable channel.
CNN boss Chris Licht had pointed to the survey as part of his criticism of the network’s coverage of the pandemic under his predecessor, Jeff Zucker, which was revealed last week in an in-depth account of Licht’s reign by The Atlantic.
“In the beginning it was a trusted source — this crazy thing, no one understands it, help us make sense of it. What’s going on?” Licht told The Atlantic.
“And I think then it got to a place where, ‘Oh wow, we gotta keep getting those ratings. We gotta keep getting the sense of urgency’.”
“People walked outside and they go, ‘This is not my life. This is not my reality. You guys are just saying this because you need the ratings, you need the clicks. I don’t trust you’,” Licht said.
Respondents cited an overall liberal bias as the top reason it didn’t trust CNN, according to the internal survey first reported by Semafor.
“We stand by and are proud of our comprehensive coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic,” a CNN spokesperson told The Post on Monday. “For more than two years, our journalists took CNN’s global audience inside hospitals, government agencies and the race to develop life-saving vaccines, treatments and tests.” --->READ MORE HERE
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