Monday, June 5, 2023

Biden’s DHS Frees 2.3K Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals into U.S. in Five Months; Biden border policy will lead to overcrowded jails, migrants released to streets: sources

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Biden’s DHS Frees 2.3K Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals into U.S. in Five Months:
Since the start of the year, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released more than 2,300 illegal alien convicted criminals into the United States from detention, data reviewed by Breitbart News shows.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data reveals that from January through the second week of May, Biden’s DHS released 2,310 illegal alien convicts into American communities, along with more than 2,850 illegal aliens with pending criminal charges.
Of those illegal alien convicts released from ICE custody since January, nearly 830 bonded out, 612 were released on an order of recognizance, nearly 700 were released on an order of supervision, and over 170 were allowed to parole out.
“With ICE releasing convicted criminals and those with pending criminal charges into American communities, Americans and immigrants will needlessly suffer,” the Heritage Foundation’s Lora Ries told Breitbart News.
“Fortunately, Congress has a chance to prevent that and protect lives in the Homeland Security appropriations bill,” Ries said. “Passage of the Secure the Border Act was a great first step, now it is time for Congress to aggressively control the purse strings and show they really want the border secure — the American people are watching.” --->READ MORE HERE
Biden border policy will lead to overcrowded jails, migrants released to streets: sources:
The immigration law now being used on illegal border-crossers could lead to overcrowding at jails, which would trigger authorities to release them onto US streets instead of deporting them, sources tell The Post.
While the law, Title 8, does carry legal consequences for migrants who illegally jump over the border, it also creates a headache for Border Patrol and other law-enforcement responsible for incarcerating them.
“The more we prosecute, the more that they’re going to go to jail, and we’ll get to a point where there is no more jail space,” former Border Patrol agent Thaddeus Cleveland, who is now the sheriff in Sanderson, Texas, told The Post.
Under Title 8 — which became the law applied to all illegal immigrants after the pandemic-era Title 42 ended May 11 — a migrant who illegally crosses the southern border is deported to their home country or returned to Mexico on their first attempt, according to the feds.
That person is also barred from entry to the States under any circumstances for five years.
If they try to get back in a second time, they can be held and criminally prosecuted.
GOP Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales said the law is a disaster waiting to happen.
“Bottom line is these jails are already over capacity,” he said of some Texas lock-ups. “You go to Hudspeth [County] Jail — it’s over capacity, you go to Val Verde County Jail, it’s over capacity. You go to Medina County — these are not even counties that are on the border…they’re 100-plus miles north.” --->READ MORE HERE
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