Saturday, May 6, 2023

UKRainian Units Go for Counterattack in Bakhmut: RUssians Leave Some Positions; Air Defence Forces Destroy All RU Missiles and Drones Over Kyiv; UKR Forces Repel 20 RU Attacks; US Speaker McCarthy: Russia Must Pull Out of Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukrainian units go for counterattack in Bakhmut: Russians leave some positions:
Ukrainian defenders repelled all Russian attacks on the Lyman front and captured 10 occupiers; in Bakhmut, the defence forces made invaders leave some occupied positions with their counterattacks.
Source: Military Media Center citing General Oleksandr Syrskyi, Commander of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Quote: "To advance, the enemy uses maximum effort and does not care about anything. Despite significant losses, new assault groups of Wagner, fighters of other private companies, and paratroopers are constantly rushing into battle. But the enemy is unable to take the city (Bakhmut – ed.) under control.
The situation is quite complicated. At the same time, the enemy was counterattacked by our units and left some positions in some parts of the city."
Details: According to Syrskyi, intensive combat operations continue on the Bakhmut front, but Russians have not succeeded in breaking through the defence of Ukrainian positions.
During the last few days, defenders of Ukraine have repelled numerous assaults on the Lyman direction. Russians were also unable to seize Ukrainian positions. The occupiers suffered losses, and 10 invaders were captured. --->READ MORE HERE
Air defence forces destroy all Russian missiles and drones over Kyiv:
Preliminary reports indicate that all Russian missiles and drones in the skies over Kyiv were destroyed in the early hours of 1 May.
Source: Serhii Popko, Head of Kyiv City Military Administration, on Telegram
Quote: "Last night the enemy carried out another massive air assault on Ukraine. It is the second in a row in the past three days. According to preliminary information, the missiles were fired from strategic aircraft (Tu-95MS).
The air-raid in the capital lasted for about three hours.
Once again, the Russians have performed a complex attack, deploying cruise missiles and drones simultaneously.
According to preliminary reports, our air defence forces have destroyed all enemy missiles and UAVs in Kyiv airspace! The information is being confirmed."
Details: Popko also added that according to the latest reports, no civilian casualties or damage to residential buildings or infrastructure were reported so far. --->READ MORE HERE
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