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UKRaine's Defenders Defeat 72nd RUssian Brigade Near Bakhmut, Liberate Territory and Capture Prisoners; RU Brigade Seriously Damaged, Bakhmut Still Moscow’s Top Target; Video Shows Moment UKRs Annihilate Fleeing RU Troops; UKR Army Creating More Mobile Air Defence Units, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine's defenders defeat 72nd Russian brigade near Bakhmut, liberate territory and capture prisoners:
Defenders of the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the units of the 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces near the city of Bakhmut, liberated part of the territory and captured the occupiers.
Source: 3rd Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Telegram, Andrii Biletskyi, the founder and first commander of the Azov Regiment and the leader of the National Corps, on Telegram
Quote from Biletskyi: "As a result of the offensive actions of the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, units of the 72nd Brigade of the Russian Federation were defeated. In fact, the 6th and 8th companies of this brigade were completely destroyed.
Brigade reconnaissance was suppressed, a significant number of armoured combat vehicles were destroyed, and a significant number of prisoners were captured. The so-called 3rd Assault Detachment of the Wagner PMC [Private Military Company – ed.] suffered heavy losses.
Offensive actions were conducted in a strip 3 kilometres wide and 2 kilometres and 600 metres deep. All this territory is completely liberated from the Russian occupying forces."
Details: Biletskyi said that it is a great honour for him to fight and command the soldiers of the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The information was also confirmed by the Ukrainian brigade: "Prigozhin's report about the escape of the 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from near Bakhmut and the ‘500 corpses’ of Russians who remained there is true." READ MORE HERE
Photo: Diego Herrera Carcedo/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Russian brigade seriously damaged, Bakhmut still Moscow’s top target, says Kyiv:
Ukraine’s military said on Wednesday that its forces had seriously damaged but not entirely destroyed Russia’s 72nd Separate Motor-Rifle Brigade near Bakhmut and that the eastern city remains Moscow’s main target.
Serhiy Cherevatyi, the spokesman for Ukrainian troops in the east, said the situation remained “difficult” in Bakhmut but that Moscow was increasingly being forced to use regular army forces because of heavy losses among the Wagner private army group.
Russian mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose private Wagner Group is fighting in Bakhmut, said on Tuesday that the 72nd Separate Motor-Rifle Brigade had abandoned its positions.
“Unfortunately, they have not destroyed the whole brigade yet, two companies have been seriously damaged there,” Cherevatyi said in televised comments.
“The situation in Bakhmut remains difficult because for the enemy, despite all the white noise Prigozhin is trying to create, Bakhmut is still the main direction of attack, the main coveted target,” Cherevatyi added. --->READ MORE HERE
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