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Troops Won’t Fix Biden’s Border Crisis; Biden’s 1,500 Troops Sent to Southern Border Are a ‘Welcome Wagon,’ Retired Border Patrol Agent Says

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Troops Won’t Fix Biden’s Border Crisis:
Just nine days before the pandemic-era measure that allowed the government to more easily deport illegal migrants expires, Joe Biden is sending troops to the U.S. border. No, the detachment of soldiers is not going there to help, to the extent this is permitted by law, solve the crisis at the border. The administration insists that there is no crisis at the border, after all.
No, instead, the military personnel will be there to assist in the Biden administration’s ongoing fiasco of processing migrants into the country, with minimal paperwork or follow-up, even though they have no established legal right to enter or live in the United States. The troops will, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, assist “with some of the administrative tasks — such as helping process requests from asylum-seeking migrants in need of immigration court dates.”
To stem the human wave, the Biden administration has resorted to a program of “parole + alternatives to detention,” processing hundreds of thousands of illegal entrants into the country without a notice to appear in court. It is doing so because it is quicker than the hours-long paperwork process for a notice to appear, and the mission is to simply spread the problem of housing these migrants from the detention centers and shelters at the border, to spots all around the country.
The Biden administration’s policy of processing into the country so many claimants no matter how improbable their claim has created an immigration court backlog so severe that the first “notice to appear” in court can now have dates as long as a decade away, according to the AP. In recent weeks, the number of illegal crossings has shot up, and officials expect them to at least double as the Covid-era restrictions pass. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s 1,500 Troops Sent to Southern Border Are a ‘Welcome Wagon,’ Retired Border Patrol Agent Says:
“It’s a welcome wagon,” a retired Border Patrol agent says of the 1,500 active-duty troops the Biden administration is sending to the southern border ahead of the expiration of Title 42 on May 11.
The troops will be helping with “non-law enforcement duties,” according to the Homeland Security Department, but Frank Lopez says that likely means they will be assigned tasks like “feeding [illegal aliens], to providing water, [and] blankets for little kids.”
Lopez served in the Border Patrol for 30 years before retiring at the end of 2018. While the situation at the border changes to some degree with each administration, Lopez says “the change under Biden was so drastic, so detrimental, and so anti-enforcement.”
Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, and CBP’s Office of Field Operations are running drills and stockpiling goods like food and diapers at the ports of entry in preparation for the end of Title 42, said Lopez, who ran for U.S. Congress as a Texas independent in 2022.
In the Del Rio Sector of the southern border, where Lopez lives, Ali Bradley, News Nation’s border correspondent, reports pallets of thin foil blankets are sitting ready to be handed out to migrants at the processing facilities.
TX: Preparations for the influx when #Title42 ends are underway in the Del Rio Sector—Pallets of the thin foil blankets handed out to migrants in the processing facilities arrived.

? CBP source

— Ali Bradley (@AliBradleyTV) May 4, 2023
Title 42 is a public health measure set in place by the Trump administration during the COVID-19 pandemic and has allowed the Border Patrol to quickly expel some illegal aliens from the country. It’s been estimated Border Patrol will encounter about 13,000 illegal aliens at the border every day when Title 42 ends, according to Andrew R. Arthur, a resident fellow in law and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies. In March, Border Patrol apprehended about 5,200 illegal aliens a day, Arthur said. --->READ MORE HERE
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