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The Jordan Neely Dilemma: Stay Seated and Do Nothing?: When self-defense becomes vigilantism and racism; If Jordan Neely Had Been in a Workhouse, He’d Still Be Alive: The Left's penchant for making martyrs and heroes out of scumbags.

The Jordan Neely Dilemma: Stay Seated and Do Nothing? 
When self-defense becomes vigilantism and racism.
Imagine, for a moment, a different scenario in the Jordan Neely case.
Let’s say that Neely, a homeless individual and part-time Michael Jackson impersonator with a record of 40-plus arrests, had not been apprehended and put into a choke-hold by 24-year-old Marine vet Daniel Penny on the Manhattan-bound F-train on May 1, 2023.
Let’s also imagine that Neely’s mental breakdown rant on that same subway train went from threatening violence – “I’ll hurt anyone on this train” – to actual violence in which he attacked several passengers.
Imagine Neely turning on passengers by pushing, shoving, punching and kicking – as Daniel Penny observed the mayhem from the sidelines.
Imagine the press coverage after this fact.
“Passengers watch as homeless man terrorizes train and injures many. Who was there to defend the 80-year-old woman who died of a heart attack as Neely threw kicks and punches?”
The article would give an overview of the able-bodied passengers on the train who could have done something but didn’t.
“On board was a 24-year-old Marine vet who sat and observed as 80-year-old Mrs. O’Rielly fell to the floor and died” – one can envision news stations proclaiming.
The Jordan Neely incident could have easily gone this way.
Any city resident will tell you that riding the subway on a regular basis is a good education when it comes to gauging the danger level of crazy people acting out in public. --->READ MORE HERE
If Jordan Neely Had Been in a Workhouse, He’d Still Be Alive:
The Left's penchant for making martyrs and heroes out of scumbags.
The story of Jordan Neely, the “unhoused” habitually-arrested vagrant wanted on an active felony warrant who died after being restrained by subway passengers for making violent threats, certainly has all the volatile factors to make it a major media story – self-defense, race, public safety, even a few unhinged AOC weigh-ins. Already, the left’s penchant for making martyrs and heroes out of scumbags has them well on their way to making this guy the next George Floyd.
But arguably the most important of all the issues related to this situation – homelessness – continues to stare society right in the face. If you’ve been to any major city lately, especially Democrat-run ones, you know that it’s nearly impossible to walk a city block without tripping over some drug-addled zombie using the sidewalk as their personal bedroom, storage unit, and bathroom (hint: if you see ‘water’ draining and it hasn’t rained in a bit, it’s, uh, probably best to avoid stepping in it). And beyond the petty unpleasant encounters and accostings that happen to countless ordinary working people just trying to go about their business every day, the crime, from theft to outright murder, has truly gotten out of hand.
Over the past several decades, cities have tried to deal with this problem in various ways, from voluntary drug and alcohol programs to free food and housing, all to no avail. Not only has the homeless population not gone away, it has increased in numbers, seemingly attracted to the cities with the most handouts and the most lenient vagrancy and loitering laws. I believe none of the ‘modern’ approaches to homelessness have worked because they ignore human nature and are unwilling to use the force needed to effect real, radical change.
However, enacting some form of enforcing the following four places habitually homeless people SHOULD be – instead of the streets – would be a huge step in the right direction:
Jail / Prison
First of all, people who break the law should be punished, and those who habitually show themselves to be menaces to society should be locked up. If there are no significant consequences for theft, violence, and other crimes that prey on law-abiding members of society, society itself falls apart. If we don’t start here, nothing else works. But beyond the worst, laws against vagrancy and loitering should be enacted and enforced with real jail time. Yes, viable, alternative options should be provided for homeless people (see below), but if they refuse, they should be arrested and jailed. Sleeping on the sidewalk shouldn’t be allowed. Full stop. You get what you allow.--->READ MORE HERE
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