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Officials Neglect Covid Vaccines’ Side Effects; Going Back to Phonics is Just the First Step to Making Our Schools Teach Again, and other C-Virus related stories

Photo: Courtesy of Brianne Dressen
WSJ: Officials Neglect Covid Vaccines’ Side Effects:
Danice Hertz and Brianne Dressen suffered severe neurological symptoms after receiving shots.
Brianne Dressen was an energetic mom, an avid hiker and a preschool teacher—until she got a Covid vaccine.
Ms. Dressen, 42, was among the first Americans to be vaccinated. She volunteered to participate in AstraZeneca’s trial, and she received her first dose on Nov. 4, 2020, at a clinic in West Jordan, Utah. “I am pro-science and pro-vaccine,” Ms. Dressen says. “I was more than glad to participate in the scientific process.”
But even highly beneficial vaccines can have rare serious side effects. Minutes after the shot, Ms. Dressen’s arm began to tingle, her vision grew blurry, and sounds became muffled. The clinic suggested she see a neurologist, who directed her to the emergency room. The ER couldn’t figure out what was wrong and sent her home.
Her condition steadily deteriorated over the next 2½ weeks. She experienced extreme nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, painful vibrating sensations, pins and needles in her arms and face, numbness, tremors, brain fog, heart palpitations and fever. Physicians were mystified. They diagnosed her with a “silent migraine” and “anxiety due to the Covid vaccine” after a hospital stay. She was provided occupational and physical therapy but spent weeks in bed, unable to tolerate sound, light or even her children’s touch.
In the ensuing months, she faced not only debilitating symptoms but also bureaucratic indifference—though government officials tried to be helpful at first. On Jan. 11, 2021, her husband, Brian, a U.S. Army chemist, contacted Avindra Nath, intramural clinical director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Dr. Nath responded immediately that he would discuss her condition with other National Institutes of Health neurologists. He asked for blood and spinal-fluid samples for analysis, and he ominously mentioned that “the current political climate is another aspect that we need to keep an eye on.”
Dr. Nath didn’t elaborate, but by now the politics of the Covid vaccines are familiar. Bitter disputes over mandates fed skepticism of the shots and claims, often false and outlandish, about their dangers. At the same time, public-health authorities, anxious to promote vaccination, played down risks that were real if rare, leaving patients like Ms. Dressen in limbo.
After failed attempts to work remotely with Ms. Dressen’s home medical team, Dr. Nath invited her to an NIH facility in Bethesda, Md., for examination. Physicians there diagnosed her with postvaccine neuropathy and severe postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, which causes rapid heartbeat on standing up. She was treated with intravenous immune globulin, an infusion of antibodies from healthy donors that can modulate an overactive immune response. --->READ MORE HERE
NY POST: Going back to phonics is just the first step to making our schools teach again:
Our schools are failing.
Across the country, English and math scores have plummeted thanks to bad pandemic policies that kept schools needlessly closed.
But literacy rates had been in trouble even before COVID.
Detroit made headlines in March when National Assessment of Educational Progress scores showed that only 5% of the city’s 8th graders can read on grade level. In 2018, that number was 7%.
Keeping schools closed hurt children, but academics have been going off the rails for years.
There’s been a national conversation recently on the way schools have taught reading.
For decades, schools dropped phonics-based models in favor of memorization.
This half-baked idea was implemented throughout the country with disastrous results.
Bad ideas sometimes work — until they don’t.
My older two children learned to read easily using this ridiculous memorization method.
But my youngest decided to just memorize all words instead of actually learning to read. This worked remarkably well, and he managed to fool a lot of people in his orbit. --->READ MORE HERE
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