Wednesday, May 24, 2023

NY lawmakers press Eric Adams on plans for Roosevelt Hotel ‘asylum seeker arrival center’; Turning Roosevelt Hotel into migrant center tells Midtown: Drop dead

NY lawmakers press Eric Adams on plans for Roosevelt Hotel ‘asylum seeker arrival center’:
Manhattan elected officials are asking Mayor Eric Adams for detailed plans on the city’s opening of Midtown’s iconic Roosevelt Hotel as it prepares to reopen as an “asylum seeker arrival center” to handle the crush of new immigrants this Friday.
City Councilman Keith Powers (D-Manhattan), along with top Democrats including Rep. Jerrold Nadler, sent a letter to City Hall on Wednesday, asking how exactly the 1,000-room hotel will operate as the Big Apple’s city’s “welcome center” for migrants going forward.
“As the elected officials representing the Roosevelt Hotel and nearby areas, we want to ensure the opening of the shelter is done in a safe and secure manner for both the families housed there and the neighboring community,” wrote the pair, along with Democrats Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, state Senators Liz Krueger and Kristen Gonzalez, Assemblymembers Alex Bores and Tony Simone in a copy of the document obtained by The Post.
“We recognize the challenging situation that New York City faces with the arrival of over 65,000 asylum seekers in the past year, with more expected to arrive soon.
“We appreciate your administration’s efforts to provide places for individuals and families to reside, and acknowledge that the Roosevelt Hotel provides an opportunity to address this crisis immediately.”
The city has received upwards of 65,000 individuals from the southern border since last spring, with over 41,000 currently living in taxpayer-funded shelters.
It’s pushed the city to open upwards of 150 “emergency” shelters — mainly hotels across the five boroughs — to house asylum seekers. --->READ MORE HERE
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Turning Roosevelt Hotel into migrant center tells Midtown: Drop dead:
This is the message sent by installing a migrants’ theme park in the Roosevelt Hotel, two blocks from Grand Central Terminal and steps from some of the city’s most important corporate headquarters.
The unfathomable stroke of stupidity to fill the vacant hotel with “asylum seekers” threatens to abort East Midtown’s still-fragile recovery from the pandemic. A pop-up barnyard would be less inappropriate for the neighborhood.
That Mayor Eric Adams is desperate to house migrants doesn’t get him off the hook.
It puts the Big Apple’s economy at risk, as well as its appeal to tourists and shoppers.
The Roosevelt area hasn’t rebounded as well as other office districts. A migrant takeover will see to it that it never does.
More office space stands empty in the district than in any other Manhattan submarket, according to Colliers’ first-quarter survey — 19% compared with 15.6% in Midtown overall.
Now hundreds or thousands of unemployed and perhaps unemployable illegal migrants will enjoy cozy digs amid great corporations and skyscrapers that contribute critical tax revenue to the municipal treasury.
The hotel stands within yards of the rising new JPMorgan Chase tower and many buildings where firms have struggled to bring employees back to their desks. --->READ MORE HERE
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