Monday, May 15, 2023

Making Jordan Neely The New George Floyd Is The Next Step In The Left’s War On America; Jordan Neely and 'George Floyd syndrome'

Making Jordan Neely The New George Floyd Is The Next Step In The Left’s War On America:
If the veteran who restrained the homeless man is prosecuted, it will establish a right to terrorize subway passengers and help revive the ‘anti-racist’ assault on justice.
Daniel Penny is not going quietly to the slaughter. The 24-year-old Marine Corps veteran who took action when fellow subway passengers were being threatened by a maniacal homeless person has lawyered up and will need all the legal help he can get if he hopes to avoid spending decades in prison.
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has assigned Joshua Steinglass, a veteran prosecutor who led the trial team in the case that prosecuted former President Donald Trump’s family business, to conduct the probe that will determine whether Penny will be put on trial for killing Jordan Neely. But the decision won’t be made in a vacuum. The liberal commentariat is already damning Penny as the civilian version of Derek Chauvin. Leftist politicians such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., are accusing him of having committed a “murder” and Democrat and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is saying Penny’s actions were unjustified and demanding that “justice” be given Neely’s family.
Neely, the 30-year-old homeless person who died during an incident on a New York City subway train on May 1, had a record of mental illness. He had been arrested 44 times for criminal conduct and had an outstanding warrant for felony assault. On an F train stopped at the Broadway-Lafayette Street subway station in Manhattan, he allegedly began acting in a threatening manner to other passengers. It was at that point that Penny restrained him and put him in what appears on a cell phone video of part of the incident to be a chokehold.
In doing so, it could well be argued that he prevented Neely from committing another crime against a fellow passenger. Video released Sunday also seems to show Penny put Neely in a recovery position after Neely was subdued and appeared to be OK.
But the reason this case is already a cause celebre, leading to leftist demonstrations in the subways and an endless stream of articles in corporate media, is that Neely’s fate is blamed on the supposed indifference of the public to the lives of the homeless.
Broader Racial Ramifications
Penny’s fate will, as Peachy Keenan wrote in The Federalist, be a test of whether young American men should dare to act courageously when others are in peril. But there’s even more at stake in this case. With Neely being anointed as the new George Floyd, the questions of whether Penny was right to restrain Neely or if he used inappropriate force to do so are merely sidebars to a broader narrative about American racism. --->READ MORE HERE
Jordan Neely and 'George Floyd syndrome':
In recent years, the growth of movements such as Black Lives Matter has sparked a political symptom we’ll call “ George Floyd syndrome.”
This involves the dilution of a complex political and cultural moment in time, such as the death of George Floyd while in police custody , as irrefutable evidence of a leftist political position, such as the interconnection of white supremacy, racism, and police brutality, with the figure at the center of this moment presented as an unquestionable martyr, or even a beacon of moral humanity.
In response, the counter-position involves a relentless focus on the true character of this figure while also disregarding the complexity of the event itself. In the case of George Floyd, this involved delving into his criminal and drug-addled past, with this past sometimes used as an excuse (or even justification) for his death.
As a result, the battle becomes one between two extreme camps that have oversimplified the focal event to the point that relevant details, such as cause of death, context, and intent, become irrelevant, while other responsible parties, such as those who breed and fuel societal division in pursuit of their own political objectives, evade any and all scrutiny.
The same is true of Jordan Neely. --->READ MORE HERE
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