Saturday, May 27, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves Send National Guard to US-Mexico Border: Reeves Says, 'Every state has become a border state'

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DeSantis sends Florida law enforcement, National Guard to Texas-Mexico border to help with migrant crisis:
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday announced that he is deploying resources, including law enforcement and drones, from state agencies to Texas to help with the ongoing migrant crisis, saying his state is "ready to help" Texas in its efforts to secure the border.
"The impacts of Biden’s Border Crisis are felt by communities across the nation, and the federal government’s abdication of duty undermines the sovereignty of our country and the rule of law," DeSantis said in a statement.
"At my direction, state agencies including law enforcement and the Florida National Guard are being deployed to Texas, with assets including personnel, boats and planes. While Biden ignores the crisis he created, Florida stands ready to help Texas respond to this crisis," he said.
The governor’s office said Florida has more than 1,100 assets and resources available to assist, including 101 Highway Patrol personnel, 200 Department of Law Enforcement officers, 800 National Guard soldiers, emergency management personnel, 17 unmanned drones and 10 vessels, including airboats.
The resources are being made through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, which allows states to assist each other in times of emergency – Texas and Florida are both part of that agreement. DeSantis had previously aided both Texas and Arizona with law enforcement support at the beginning of the migrant crisis in 2021. --->READ MORE HERE
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Mississippi Gov Tate Reeves sends National Guard to US-Mexico border: ‘Every state has become a border state’:
Reeves says "drugs and illegal aliens are invading our country" under Biden's administration
Mississippi is mobilizing National Guard troops to help with security along the U.S.-Mexico border as waves of migrants and drugs cross into the country under the Biden administration, Republican Gov. Tate Reeves said Wednesday.
Reeves, who is running for re-election this year, blamed President Biden and his administration for the emergencies at the border, adding that the mounting crises are affecting all of America.
"Drugs and illegal aliens are invading our country thanks to the Biden Administration’s unwillingness to put public safety over politics," Reeves wrote on Twitter. "Every state has become a border state, and every day we’re seeing the terrible impact of this humanitarian and national security crisis."
"What happens at the border doesn’t stay there. Drugs and people are trafficked to every state in the nation - including Mississippi," Reeves said. "To keep Mississippians safe and limit the impact of our nation’s open borders, the Mississippi National Guard’s 112th Military Police Battalion has been mobilized and is supporting Customs and Border Protection officers and agents along the Southwest border." --->READ MORE HERE
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