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Feeble Fauci Still Won’t Take Blame for Masks, COVID Lockdowns That Hurt Kids; Fauci Absolves Himself of Responsibility for COVID Lockdowns: ‘Show me a school that I shut down’, and other C-Virus related stories

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Feeble Fauci still won’t take blame for masks, COVID lockdowns that hurt kids:
Anthony Fauci now breezily admits masks only worked 10% of the time and school lockdowns hurt kids, but still refuses to acknowledge he made mistakes.
Instead, he blames everyone else.
“There was a personification of me as a person who essentially closed everything down [but] those were public health recommendations that came from the CDC,” he told CNN Wednesday.
Former CDC Director Robert Redfield begged to differ: “It’s disappointing that people just don’t take responsibility and accountability for the consequences of their recommendations . . . Tony was clearly an aggressive spokesman for closures, school closures, shutdowns and mandates, and I would argue that all three of those policies were not effective . . . were not optimal for our response . . . We [should not] rewrite history and say the things we did were the right decision when in fact they were suboptimal.”
Failing to admit mistakes is about more than ego. It endangers us for next time. --->READ MORE HERE
Fauci absolves himself of responsibility for COVID lockdowns: ‘Show me a school that I shut down’:
Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that “something clearly went wrong” with the country’s COVID-19 response in an interview published Tuesday — but absolved himself from some of the most impactful results of his anti-infection recommendations.
“Show me a school that I shut down and show me a factory that I shut down. Never. I never did,” Fauci told The New York Times Magazine when questioned about the “heavy-handed” policies he suggested throughout the pandemic.
“I gave a public-health recommendation that echoed the CDC’s recommendation, and people made a decision based on that. But I never criticized the people who had to make the decisions one way or the other.”
The former chief medical advisor to the president whined that he was accused of shutting down the economy for relaying the national public health agency’s suggestions to shut down schools and businesses during the height of the pandemic.
Fauci repeatedly came under fire for sea-sawing on several preventative measures, most memorably mask mandates — he originally told Americans masking was not necessary before back peddling and pointing to the practice as a necessity to overcome the pandemic. --->READ MORE HERE
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