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Earth-Shattering Document Shows Pfizer & FDA Knew About Safety Concerns for Pregnant and Nursing Women From Day One; Scientists Launch Manhunt for COVID Patient Infected for Two Years, and other C-Virus related stories

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Horowitz: Earth-shattering document shows Pfizer & FDA knew about safety concerns for pregnant and nursing women from day one
No wonder Pfizer and the FDA sought to hide these documents from the public for 75 years. To this day, the medical field is pressuring pregnant women to get these terrible shots, but now we know that Pfizer was tracking safety concerns for these women from day one. As we observe plummeting birth rates and skyrocketing fetal losses throughout the world, it is now clear that Pfizer and the FDA were aware that the vaccine could spread through the placenta and breast milk, as later studies seemed to confirm. Where is the action from Congress? This affects all of humanity, including a generation yet to be born.
The eight-page confidential document was dated April 20, 2021, but tracked 458 pregnant women and 215 lactating women from the time the shots were released until February 28, 2021. That was the same date that Pfizer already recorded over 1,200 deaths and over 1,000 categories of serious adverse events. Here are the gory details, courtesy of Trial Site’s Sonia Elijah.
  • 54% of the 458 pregnant women reported adverse events. These included symptoms in line with AEs experienced by others who took the shots. 
  • 53 of the women (11.6%) experienced miscarriages, which is definitely on the high end of what we should expect. 
  • Most notably, six of the babies experienced serious AEs that Pfizer admitted were caused by the vaccine transferring “transplacentally.” This likely caused them to be born prematurely. So Pfizer knew from day one not only that the shots do not remain in the shoulder muscle and do indeed spread throughout the body, but that the spike protein could spread to the placenta.
Scientists launch manhunt for COVID patient infected for two years:
Scientists are beginning a manhunt for a person in Ohio who is believed to have been the longest COVID-19 positive patient ever.
The patient is believed to be living in the Columbus area, and is believed to be carrying a highly mutated version of the virus "unlike anything" experts have seen so far. Dr Marc Johnson, a microbiologist at the University of Missouri, has warned the mutations of the strain would be enough to make it a "variant of concern" should it spread across the population, the Daily Mail reported.
Johnson's team has been analyzing samples of COVID-19 from sewage across the United States to search for any new variants of COVID-19. It is the same type of technique used during the pandemic.
"We reverse analyze [wastewater] to see if anything in there that doesn't match any lineages," said Johnson. "Very early on there was this [sample] that was different than anything we had seen."
Johnson does not know if the person is contagious, nor does he know how they have managed to stay positive for COVID-19 for such an extended period of time. --->READ MORE HERE
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