Sunday, May 28, 2023

Deep State Quietly Starting to Fear the Worst: the Return of the Trump Wrecking Ball; Concerns about Biden’s reelection swamped by fear of Trump in swing voter focus groups

Deep State Quietly Starting to Fear the Worst: the Return of the Trump Wrecking Ball:
Worried about too much systemic rigging and fraud for a Republican ever to win office again? Good news! The riggers themselves are quietly starting to worry it may happen.
Politico ran a story on Friday, and I must say, the title quickened my pulse. Tellingly titled, “Hurricane Trump Is Coming — And Washington Hasn’t Bothered to Prepare,” the story ran with the subhead, “After 2020, reformers vowed to erect guardrails against a rogue chief executive. They ran into a wall of complacency, partisanship and distraction.”
As if Leftists would have done a single thing to curtail executive overreach while they held office. Puh-lease.
The article fretted that the complacent deep state has done nothing to rein in a president who is on the wrong team. Pardon the lengthy quote, but here is the gist of the Politico piece:
In many ways, the book [After Trump, a volume of proposals designed to protect the nation from future rogue chief executives] was the culmination of a conversation that preoccupied Washington during the Trump years, briefly turning members of the Beltway’s legal-ethics and good-government commentariat into local celebrities: How to shore up a system that depends on the observation of fast-fraying American political norms? Goldsmith and Bauer, with long tenures in and around government, may have produced the highest-profile laundry list, but they were hardly the only ones planning for a new age of political reform.
In fact, the premise of the book, and the broader conversation, was that it would be acted on in some future America, either 2021 or 2025, that had definitely turned the page from the 45th president — a country in the mood for a 21st-century update of the post-Watergate reforms that had aimed to Nixon-proof the presidency.
That country, though, hasn’t come into being. And now, as polls suggest that “after Trump” may be turning into “between Trump,” almost none of those reform ideas have become reality, either. --->READ MORE HERE
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post
Concerns about Biden’s reelection swamped by fear of Trump in swing voter focus groups:
Nearly all of the 15 gathered swing state voters described feeling negative emotions when they saw President Biden on a television or computer screens — “confused,” “concern,” “worry,” “sad,” “sorry” and even “panicked.”
Every single one said they wished Biden and his old Republican foe Donald Trump were not running for reelection. Several offered dire assessments of Biden’s mental and physical capacities, calling him too old or speculating about the possibility of dementia.
But as the focus group moderator steered the conversation to the possibility of a Biden rematch next year with Trump, the mood clearly shifted among these voters, who had all cast a ballot for Trump in 2016 and then Biden in 2020. Nine of the 15 said they would vote again for Biden, three said they would go back to Trump and three said they would either not vote or find a third-party candidate.
Even a 32-year-old recruiting manager from Phoenix, who had described the panic she felt watching Biden, came back into the fold.
“Whatever the step above panicked is, that is what I feel about Trump,” said Felicia, a registered Democrat.
The results of two focus groups conducted for The Washington Post by research firms Engagious and Sago echoed research that Democratic strategists have been doing in recent months in preparation for the 2024 presidential campaign. Public polling has shown clear majorities of the American people — including many Democratic-leaning voters — are concerned about Biden’s health and do not want him to run again. But in both focus groups and polling, concerns about another Trump presidency are even greater, leaving Biden in a much better position if the two men meet in a rematch. --->READ MORE HERE
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